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Note that Ubuntu 16.04 is the only supported platform at the moment, but more platforms (including Cent OS 7) will be coming in the near future.

Testnet Binaries

Refer to this wiki for Setup Instructions

  • Download Command: $ curl -L > marconi-testnet.tar.gz
  • 2.9MB
  • SHA1: 8759f3a139256a3a62422543662fd75e71d4d0f9
  • MD5: 47cd66081cadcee93209eea0ba7353f0

Network Filters

Refer to this wiki on using network filters

Bitcoin Filter

  • Download Command: $ curl -L >
  • 6.4MB
  • SHA1: eff2c5ccac28faffefdf9b09475a91004a58b46a
  • MD5: 99f659f83acadba6311ee8829fd0e6d3

Ethereum Filter

  • Download Command: $ curl -L >
  • 6.4MB
  • SHA1: 040d513d05a25aa07f8e81d548bd3facd23b8a10
  • MD5: b44760986358ee32d3eb114e90120851

ICMP Filter

PGP/GPG Verification

You can use gpg to verify each of the binaries that make up Marconi.

  1. Download the asc file for each binary
    • mcli
      $ curl -L > mcli.asc
    • gmeth
      $ curl -L > gmeth.asc
    • middleware
      $ curl -L > middleware.asc
    • marconid
      $ curl -L > marconid_linux_amd64.asc
  2. The following script will verify each of the four marconi binaries against their asc files. Run the following script from the directory where you have downloaded each asc file.
    echo -e "\n[ Verifying... ]"
    echo -e "\n[ mcli ]"
    gpg --verify mcli.asc                   $BIN_PATH/mcli
    echo -e "\n[ marconid ]"
    gpg --verify marconid_linux_amd64.asc   $BIN_PATH/marconid_linux_amd64
    echo -e "\n[ middleware ]"
    gpg --verify middleware.asc             $BIN_PATH/middleware
    echo -e "\n[ gmeth ]"
    gpg --verify gmeth.asc                  $BIN_PATH/gmeth
    echo -e "\n[ Thank you, come again ]"
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