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Addon for MODX Revolution which will take your CSV Formatted files (or raw paste) and transforms it into resources. Funded by Working Party (digital agency based in Sydney, @workingparty)
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ImportX is a utility addon designed to allow users
to import comma seperated values (CSV) into the MODX
system as new resources.

It expects a heading line, which is the first line of
the CSV values and consists of MODX resource field
names, or TV IDs. An example of a valid heading line
could be:


It will use the heading throughout the rest of the CSV
values to make sure the references are correct. If it
is not, it will throw an error.

TVs need to be specified by the prefix "tv" and the ID
of the TV it needs to be added to, like "tv2" in the
example heading above.

CSV can be imported from manual input (copy/paste) or
from file upload.

ImportX has been developed with funding by Working Party,
a Sydney based Digital Agency.
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