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\branch maint -> A;
\branch master -> E;
\HEAD -> master;
\path [>=stealth', draw=black!50, very thick]
(5,3.75) node {reference to current branch} edge [->] (HEAD label)
(6.5,2) node {current branch} edge [->] (master)
(-5,3) node {another branch} edge [->] (maint)
(-5,-0.5) node {files to go in next commit} edge [->] (index)
(-5,-2) node {files that you ``see''} edge [->] (work)
(5,-1) node [text width=6\g, text badly centered]
{commit objects, identified by SHA-1 hash}
edge [->] (E)
edge [->] (D)
edge [->] (C)
(-1,2.25) node {child points to parent} edge [->] ($ (B)!.5!(C) $)