This tool allows you to see latencies measured from a set of RIPE Atlas probes to your service in realtime
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RIPE Atlas LatencyMON

This tool allows you to monitor and compare latencies measured from RIPE Atlas probes to your service in realtime.

Read more about LatencyMON on RIPE labs:

How to use it? How to monitor in real-time your service? How to embed it in your page? Read the documentation


If you are using LatencyMON -or an image of the tool- on your website, include a link "About LatencyMON" or "LatencyMON" pointing to this url:

Usually this notice is added by the widget itself. If you have a version of the code that doesn't do that, add it manually.

Please, always refer to the tool with the correct name of LatencyMON.

If you are sharing a link to a LatencyMON instance or an image of the tool on a social media, add the tag #LatencyMON. The watermark of LatencyMON and RIPE Atlas must be always visible.