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Version 21.01, 2021-01-04
Thanks to New York Public Library (NYPL) for their vision and support on this release
Thanks to British Film Institute (BFI) for their extensive testing
Reversibility checking: an option to check after encoding to ensure that the decoding of a RAWcooked file is fully reversible (--check)
Reversibility checking: an option to embed checksums of the input files to enable the possibility of later reversibility integrity checks without requiring access to the original input files (--hash)
Conformance checking: an option to to perform a selection of DPX implementation checks (--conch), more to come
Coherency checking: an option to check e.g. that audio duration is same as video duration (--coherency, by default)
A new requirement when encoding DPX with padding bits to specify user preferences for the evaluation of padding bits (--check-padding or --no-check-padding) as some DPX files use padding bits for unstandardized purposes.
An option to offer extra information about the content of the reversibility data (--info)
Perform --info --check --hash --conch --coherency --check-padding --encode in a single option (--all)
Support additional post-encoding coherency checks, such as a quick check of the resulting compressed file in order to be sure that FFmpeg correctly finished the encoding.
Fix reversibility issues if DPX header does not have the same size in all files
Support of more DPX/TIFF/WAV/AIFF flavors and features
Version 18.10.1, 2018-11-13
Fix regression during demux of some MKV files, preventing demux of all DPX files
Version 18.10, 2018-10-24
Fix duplicated video streams with directories having WAV files with
names similar to DPX files
Fix display glitch with progress indication
Accept any even count of padding bytes in WAV fmt chunk
Version 18.09beta1, 2018-10-02
More WAV flavors
TIFF support
AIFF support
Output name option
Information about input after analysis
Progress indicator while analyzing input files
More file integrity tests e.g. not same file size
Option for full check and support of some buggy DPX files e.g. in case
padding bits are not 0.
License management
Version 18.07alpha2, 2018-07-31
Decoding progress indicator
Security checks against ZipSlip attack: sanitize file name stored in compressed file, replace illegal characters on target platform
Fix creation of several instances of video stream on platforms not providing an ordered sequence of file names e.g. Ubuntu 16.04
Fix rejection of some files due to bad file name check algorithm
Version 18.06alpha1, 2018-06-07
Input: support of common flavors of DPX and WAV
Output: MKV/FFV1/FLAC, with option for MKV/FFV1/PCM
Using FFmpeg for encoding