R Package for managing a selection of Azure resources. Targeted at Data Scientists who need to control Azure Resources without needing to both Administrators. APIs include Storage Blobs, HDInsight(Nodes, Hive, Spark), ARM, VMs
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AzureSMR: Manage and Interact with Azure Resources.

Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

AzureSMR is an R Package for managing a selection of Azure resources, using the Azure Service Manager API. The package exposes function to manage resources, resource groups, storage (blobs and containers), ARM templates, virtual machines, HDInsight (nodes, Hive and Spark) and Azure Data Lake Store. To use the package, you must configure an Azure Active Directory application and service principal in the Azure portal.

To get started with this package, see the vignettes:

To access the package help, just type ?AzureSMR into your code editor.

Technical note: The package connects to Azure using standard CRAN packages (for example httr and jsonlite). This means you can use open source R to connect to Azure - you don't need Microsoft R Server.

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