How can I disable Windows sounds in Bash? #715

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mout12 commented Aug 2, 2016

If I try to move the cursor passed the end of a block of text, Windows chimes a sound. How can I disable all such sounds?

osimons commented Aug 2, 2016

I use set bell-style none in ~/.inputrc to silence all shell beeps.

xiuluo commented Aug 3, 2016 edited

(Sorry,My English is poor)This method does not take effect for VIM, you need to close the Windows shuld Open the Control Panel -> Open Hardware and Sound -> Open Sound ->Select Sound -> Modify the critical stop sound scheme(打开控制面板——>打开硬件和声音——>打开声音——>选择声音——>修改关键性停止的声音方案)

bennyyip commented Aug 6, 2016

set bell-style none doesn't works for me. I use Volume Mixer to mute Console Window Host.


bennyyip's suggestion to mute Console Window Host is the only thing that works for me.

But I still want a sound, just a nicer one. I think it's being played by the Beep Driver, which in Windows 10 plays the event "Critical Stop" which is "Windows Foreground.wav". It's a singularly horrible sound to have mapped to a console bell that rings every time bash completion is unhappy. You can set which sound is played in the Sound Driver (Windows Ding is better). Perhaps someone on the WSL team is equally annoyed by the sound and will sneak in a more mellifluous user experience.

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