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We tested the Awesome-CoreML-Models and the parser works. Any contribution is welcome.

Models Caffe CoreML CNTK Keras MXNet PyTorch TensorFlow Onnx

- Correctness tested

o - Some difference after conversion

space - not tested

Convert to CoreML

We use a Keras "mobilenet" model to CoreML as an examples.

Prepare your pre-trained model

In this example, we can use our Keras pre-trained model extractor to prepare mobilenet model.

$ python -m mmdnn.conversion.examples.keras.extract_model -n mobilenet -i mmdnn/conversion/examples/data/seagull.jpg

Using TensorFlow backend.
Downloading data from
17227776/17225924 [==============================] - 12s 1us/step
17235968/17225924 [==============================] - 12s 1us/step
Network structure is saved as [imagenet_mobilenet.json].
Network weights are saved as [imagenet_mobilenet.h5].
[(21, 0.84343129), (23, 0.10283408), (146, 0.039170805), (404, 0.0033809284), (144, 0.0026779801)]

The Keras model architecture is saved as imagenet_mobilenet.json, weights are saved as imagenet_mobilenet.h5, and get the original model inference result for our example photo.

Then use keras -> IR parser to convert the original Keras to IR format.

$ python -m mmdnn.conversion._script.convertToIR -f keras -d keras_mobilenet -n imagenet_mobilenet.json -w imagenet_mobilenet.h5

Using TensorFlow backend.
Network file [imagenet_mobilenet.json] and [imagenet_mobilenet.h5] is loaded successfully.
IR network structure is saved as [keras_mobilenet.json].
IR network structure is saved as [keras_mobilenet.pb].
IR weights are saved as [keras_mobilenet.npy].

Then we got the IR format model.

Slim Model Extractor

You can refer Slim Model Extractor to extract your own coreml model, which is a sample tool to extract both architecture and weights from slim pre-trained models.

Support frameworks: ['inception_v3', 'mobilenet', 'resnet50', 'tinyyolo', 'vgg16']


$ mmdownload -f coreml -n mobilenet

Downloading file [./MobileNet.mlmodel] from []
progress: 16736.0 KB downloaded, 100%
Coreml model mobilenet is saved in [./]

Convert model (including architecture and weights) from Coreml to IR

You can use following bash command to convert the checkpoint files to IR architecture file [resnet152.pb], [resnet152.json] and IR weights file [resnet152.npy]

$ mmtoir -f coreml -d mobilenet -n MobileNet.mlmodel --dstNodeName MMdnn_Output

IR network structure is saved as [mobilenet.json].
IR network structure is saved as [mobilenet.pb].
IR weights are saved as [mobilenet.npy].

Convert to CoreML

$ python -m mmdnn.conversion._script.IRToModel -f coreml -in keras_mobilenet.pb -iw keras_mobilenet.npy -o keras_mobilenet.mlmodel --scale 0.00784313725490196 --redBias -1 --greenBias -1 --blueBias -1

Parse file [keras_mobilenet.pb] with binary format successfully.
input {
  name: "input_1"
  type {
    imageType {
      width: 224
      height: 224
      colorSpace: RGB
output {
  name: "reshape_2"
  type {
    multiArrayType {
      shape: 1000
      dataType: DOUBLE

Then the converted CoreML model is saved as keras_mobilenet.mlmodel.

[Note!] The argument --scale 0.00784313725490196 --redBias -1 --greenBias -1 --blueBias -1 is Keras mobilenet preprocessing.

Test converted model (Not necessary)

We implemented an sample code for image inference testing. You can refer the code to implement your own testing code.

$ python -m mmdnn.conversion.examples.coreml.imagenet_test -input input_1 -output reshape_2 --image mmdnn/conversion/examples/data/seagull.jpg -size 224 -n keras_mobilenet.mlmodel

Loading model [keras_mobilenet.mlmodel].
Model loading success.
[(21, 0.83917254209518433), (23, 0.10752557963132858), (146, 0.038640134036540985), (404, 0.0034028184600174427), (144, 0.0027129633817821741)]

The inference result is slightly different from the original keras model. Currently we consider it is acceptable. Any further investigation is welcome.

Develop version

macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (17C205)

@ 2018/01/10


  • Currently no RNN-related operations support
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