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Power BI for .NET

Welcome to the .NET developer community for Power BI Embedded. Here you will find resources for the .NET SDKs for Power BI Embedded.

For questions or issues using the SDKs please log an issue and we will respond as quickly as possible.

For more information regarding onboarding to Power BI Embedded see our Azure documentation.


Power BI Support Page

Power BI Ideas

Power BI Embedded Core Libraries

The Microsoft.PowerBI.Core package contains APIs to generate report embed tokens.

Install from Nuget

Install-Package Microsoft.PowerBI.Core

Usage: Creating a Report Embed Token

Power BI Embedded uses embed tokens, which are HMAC signed JSON Web Tokens. The tokens are signed with the access key from your Azure Power BI Embedded workspace collection. Embed tokens are used to provide read only access to a report to embed into an application.

To create a report embed token you will need an Azure Power BI Workspace collection, access key, workspace Id & report Id

var accessKey = "{AzureAccessKey}";
var embedToken = PowerBIToken.CreateReportEmbedToken(workspaceCollection, workspaceId, reportId);
var jwt = embedToken.Generate(accessKey);

Required Claims

  • ver: 0.2.0
  • typ: "embed"
  • wcn: {WorkspaceCollectionName}
  • wid: {WorkspaceId}
  • rid: {ReportId} (or did: {DatasetId})
  • aud:
  • exp: Token expiration in Unix EPOCH time

Optional Claims

  • nbp: Token valid not before in Unix EPOCH time
  • username: The effective username to pass to Power BI Embedded for RLS (Row level security)
  • roles: The roles to pass to Power BI Embedded for RLS
  • scp: The permission scopes allowed with the designated Report or Dataset

Read more about row level security in our Azure docs.

Token Example


Adding Permission Scopes to Embed Tokens

When using Embed tokens, one might want to restrict usage of the resources he gives access to. For this reason, you can generate a token with scoped permissions.

var accessKey = "{AzureAccessKey}";
var scopes = {Scopes as string or array of strings};
var embedToken = PowerBIToken.CreateReportEmbedTokenWithScopes(workspaceCollection, workspaceId, reportId, scopes: scopes);
var jwt = embedToken.Generate(accessKey);

Token Example - With Scopes



The following decoded JSON web token Header

  "typ": "JWT",
  "alg": "HS256"


  "ver": "0.2.0",
  "wcn": "SupportDemo",
  "wid": "ca675b19-6c3c-4003-8808-1c7ddc6bd809",
  "rid": "96241f0f-abae-4ea9-a065-93b428eddb17",
  "scp": "Report.Read",
  "iss": "PowerBISDK",
  "aud": "",
  "exp": 1360047056,
  "nbf": 1360043456

Power BI Embedded REST Client

The Microsoft.PowerBI.Api is a .NET REST Client to easily consume the Power BI Embedded REST services.

Install from Nuget

Install-Package Microsoft.PowerBI.Api

Usage: Calling the GetReports API

As an example, to get a list or reports within your workspace you need to instantiate a PowerBIClient with credentials and call into the GetReports API.

var credentials = new TokenCredentials("{AzureAccessKey}", "AppKey");
var client = new PowerBIClient(credentials);

var reportsResult = await client.Reports.GetReportsAsync(workspaceCollection, workspaceId);

The following APIs groups are available:

  • Datasets
  • Gateways
  • Imports
  • Reports
  • Workspaces

Power BI Embedded for JavaScript

The JavaScript SDK is underlying component for all embed scenarios. The SDK is vanilla JS but we also ship components for many popular SPA frameworks including Angular, React & Ember JS.

Visit our JavaScript SDK home for more information

Install from Nuget

Install-Package Microsoft.PowerBI.JavaScript

Setup Power BI for embedding

Add the Power BI script include before your apps closing </body> tag

You can optionally add the CSS reference to an ASP.NET style bundle

<script src="/scripts/powerbi.js"></script>

Setting the size of embedded components

The tile & report embed will automatically be embedded based on the size of the embed container.
To override the default size of the embeds simply add a CSS class attribute or inline styles for width & height.


The Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.Mvc package is a lightweight wrapper that contains MVC HTML helpers that generate HTML markup compatible with the core JavaScript SDK.

Install from Nuget

Install-Package Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.Mvc

Setup your Access Token

Generate your report embed access token with the Microsoft.PowerBI.Core token APIs. @Html.PowerBIAccesstoken({{YourAccesstoken}})

Embed your report

@Html.PowerBIReportFor(m => m.EmbedUrl)

ASP.NET WebForms

The Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms package is a lightweight wrapper that contains ASP.NET Webform controls that generate HTML markup compatible with the core JavaScript SDK.

Install from Nuget

Install-Package Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms

Setup your Access Token

Ensure you have the following in your view

<powerbi:Token ID="pbiAccessToken" runat="server" />

If you are managing access tokens yourself, make sure to provide it here

<powerbi:Token ID="pbiAccessToken" AccessToken="{{YourAccessToken}}" runat="server" />

Embedding a Report

<powerbi:Report id="pbiReport" EmbedUrl="{{EmbedUrl}}" runat="server" />


Welcome to the .NET developer community for Power BI. Here you will find resources for the .NET SDKs for Power BI Embedded V2.0.0




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