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Change Log - PowerBI Visual Tools (pbiviz)

This page contains information about changes to the PowerBI Visual Tools (pbiviz).

pibviz v2.1.0

  • use Custom Visuals Selection id's instead of old Selection id's
  • remove Semantic Query dependency inside the iFrame
  • Serialize DataView and remove multiple DataView types

pbiviz v1.13.1

  • Added support of parameter supportsSynchronizingFilterState
  • Added support of parameter filterState for properties that makes property a part of filtration model

pbiviz v1.13.0

  • Expanded host.colorPalette now expose a boolean isHighContrast flag and several non-data colors (including foreground, foregroundSelected, background and hyperlink all of which are required for high-contrast accessibility support)

pbiviz v1.11.3

  • Resolve PowerShell params issue on Win8.

pbiviz v1.11.2

  • Resolve PowerShell script launching issue.

pbiviz v1.11.1

  • Check certificate path in --install-cert command.

pbiviz v1.11.0

  • Added selectionManager.registerOnSelectCallback() method for Report Bookmarks support

pbiviz v1.10.2

  • Added pbiviz --create-cert for generating new unique certificate

pbiviz v1.10.1

  • Increase typescript to 2.3.3 version

pbiviz v1.10.0

  • Added ILocalizationManager
  • Upgrade dependencies
  • Added Authentication API call support

pbiviz v1.9.0

  • Added launchUrl API call support

pbiviz v1.8.1

  • FIX: Localization schema will be ignored if API doesn't support localization

pbiviz v1.8.0

  • Added new type "fillRule" (gradient) support in capabilities schema
  • Added "rule" property support in capabilities schema for object properties
  • Fixed sub commands help output in "Using:" section

pbiviz v1.7.5

  • Return innerHTML method for RHTML visual sample

pbiviz v1.7.4

  • Remove innerHTML method from sample visual

pbiviz v1.7.3

  • Added RESJSON support

pbiviz v1.7.2

  • Add name validation to pbiviz new command, restrict usage of symbols in the file visual name.

pbiviz v1.7.1

  • Added visual name validation
  • Added auto-install npm dependencies

pbiviz v1.6.5

  • Updated npm dependencies
  • Fixed settings generation

pbiviz v1.1.0

  • Fix issue in Capabilities.objects does not support "text" type
  • Add pbiviz update to support updating visual API type definitions and schema
  • Add --api-version flag to pbiviz new to support creating visuals with a specific api version
  • Add support for alpha release of API v1.2.0

pbiviz v1.0.0

Initial public release