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Productivity Power Tools Overview

Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio, first released in 2010 is an extension pack that brings powerful extensions for improved developer productivity. Shipped for every major Visual Studio release, the Productivity Power Tools are traditionally built by the Visual Studio team to provide community with free innovative tools. The most useful extensions are routinely incorporated into the Visual Studio, for example now standard Visual Studio features like Quick Find, Enhanced Scrollbar, Solution Navigator, Highlight Current Line, Move Line, Automatic Brace Completion and Color Printing were previously extensions in Productivity Power Tools.

Note that this repository currently contains a subset of all extensions in Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015. This subset represents extensions which we believe can serve as great real world samples of extending Visual Studio.

Here is the list of open source Productivity Power Tools extensions currently in this repo:

  • Align Assignments
  • Copy As HTML
  • Fix Mixed Tabs
  • Ctrl+Click Go to Definition
  • Match Margin
  • Middle Click Scroll
  • Peek F1
  • Structure Visualizer
  • Syntactic Line Compression
  • Timestamp margin