Sample queries for Advanced hunting in Windows Defender ATP
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This repo contains sample queries for Advanced hunting on Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. With these sample queries, you can start to experience Advanced hunting, including the types of data that it covers and the query language it supports. You can also explore a variety of attack techniques and how they may be surfaced through Advanced hunting.

To get started, simply paste a sample query into the query builder and run the query. If you get syntax errors, try removing empty lines introduced when pasting. If a query returns no results, try expanding the time range.

We are continually building up documentation about Advanced hunting and its data schema. You can access the full list of tables and columns in the portal or reference the following resources:

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Suggestions and feedback

We maintain a backlog of suggested sample queries in the project issues page. Feel free to comment, rate, or provide suggestions.

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Coding guidelines and references

The samples in this repo should include comments that explain the attack technique or anomaly being hunted. Whenever possible, provide links to related documentation.

In addition, construct queries that adhere to the published Windows Defender ATP Advanced hunting performance best practices.