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Xamarin and Azure Better Together Quickstarts

Shopping Demo App Overview

Learn how to connect your Xamarin mobile apps to the cloud. The Shopping Demo App is a great business-to-consumer application sample available on multiple platforms. This mobile app demo uses a wide range of Azure services to help users authenticate with Facebook or Twitter, sell and buy personal items, get notifications when items are purchased, and rate the app with a smile. Play with the app code in our GitHub repo, find documentation that shows you how to connect your apps to the cloud, and deploy it to your own Azure subscription now.

Deploy to your subscription.


App Service is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering of Microsoft Azure. It allows to create mobile apps for any platform or device. You can integrate your apps with several SaaS solutions as Authentication, Push Notifications, Storage, etc.

The following tutorials explain how to work with App Service and show you quickly and easily use several App Service features based on the Shopping Demo App available on GitHub

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