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Activate Azure with Intelligent Apps. This solutions here proof of concepts to show how developers and architects can reimagine and add intelligent capabilities to enterprise applications using Azure Bot Framework and Cognitive Services.
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February 2019 Updates

Contoso Helpdesk Chat Bot

  • Bot framework migrated from version 3 to version 4.
    • new Bot class implementing IBot as entry point to bot service
    • switched from bot state service to in-proc in-memory cache
    • WaterfallDialog instead of FormFlow
    • Scorables replaced with new cancelation on turns
    • new .bot configuration file
  • NOTE: For migration approach that retains most compatibility with ASP.NET, refer to migration guide Migrate a .NET SDK v3 bot to v4

Fabrikam Investment Bank Customer Service

  • Bot framework mgirated from version 3 to version 4.
    • see above details in Contoso solution updates
  • Project Oxford migrated to Speech API version 1.3.
    • microphone client replaced with simple speech recognizer
    • LUIS now uses recognizer and switch case to map intents to actions

Activate Azure with Intelligent Apps

There are five proof of concept applications in this repo written to illustrate how to augment existing applications with Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework to add intelligence as well as using other services in the Azure platform.

Adatum Corporation Knowledge Service

  • Demonstrate how to enhance website to answer questions with natural language based on existing list of FAQ questions & answers.
  • Uses QnA Maker API & Azure SQL

Alpine Ski House Happiness Meter

  • Simple greetings app to evaluate the satisfaction of arriving visitors by analyzing their emotions.
  • Uses Emotion API

Contoso Helpdesk Chat Bot

  • Employee helpdesk solution to enable self-service app install, password reset and local admin elevation with a bot.
  • Uses Bot Framework (Email Channel) & Azure SQL

Fabrikam Investment Bank Customer Service

  • Customer facing bot for the account balance information inquiry through simulated Interactive Voice Response.
  • Uses Bot Framework (DirectLine Channel), LUIS & Speech API

Woodgrove Bank Enhanced ATM Security

  • Demonstration of an enhanced ATM authentication through face recognition API.
  • Uses Face API (REST) & Azure Blob Storage


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