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Monaco Editor Samples

Standalone HTML samples showing how to integrate the Monaco Editor.


git clone
cd monaco-editor-samples
npm install .
npm run simpleserver

Go to localhost:8888 and explore the samples!

Loading variations

  • browser-amd-editor: running in a browser using AMD lazy loading.
  • browser-script-editor: running in a browser using AMD synchronous loading via <script> tags.
  • browser-esm-webpack: running in a browser using webpack.
  • browser-esm-webpack-small: running in a browser using webpack (only a subset of the editor).
  • electron-amd: running in electron.
  • nwjs-amd and nwjs-amd-v2: running in nwjs. it is reported that v2 works and the initial version does not.

Other examples & techniques

  • browser-amd-diff-editor: running the diff editor in a browser.
  • browser-amd-iframe: running in an <iframe>.
  • browser-amd-localized: running with the German locale.
  • browser-amd-monarch: running with a custom language grammar written with Monarch.
  • browser-amd-shared-model: using the same text model in two editors.