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A collection of courses and tutorials built for the @boardname@.


Structured courses for teaching computer science in the classroom.

        "name": "CS Intro 1",
        "description": "A quarter length computer science course for beginning coders",
        "url": "/courses/csintro1",
        "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1.png",
        "largeImageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1.gif"
    }, {
        "name": "CS Intro 2",
        "description": "A quarter length continuation of the CS Intro 1 course",
        "url": "/courses/csintro2",
        "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro2.png",
        "largeImageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro2.gif"
    }, {
        "name": "CS Intro 3",
        "description": "A quarter length transition from blocks to JavaScript",
        "url": "/courses/csintro3",
        "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro3.png",
        "largeImageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro3.gif"

See also

CS Intro Home Page, CS Intro 1, CS Intro 2, CS Intro 3

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