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This section serves as a quick introduction to the @boardname@ environment, and to the basics of programming in blocks.

    "name": "MakeCode",
    "url": "/courses/csintro1/intro/makecode-orientation",
    "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1/intro/makecode-orientation.gif"
}, {
    "name": "Birthday Algorithm",
    "url": "/courses/csintro1/intro/birthday-algorithm",
    "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1/intro/birthday-algorithm.png"
}, {
    "name": "Sprites",
    "url": "/courses/csintro1/intro/sprites",
    "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1/intro/sprites.png"
}, {
    "name": "Unplugged: Rock Paper Scissors",
    "url": "/courses/csintro1/intro/unplugged",
    "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1/intro/unplugged.png"
}, {
    "name": "Variable Math",
    "url": "/courses/csintro1/intro/variable-math",
    "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1/intro/variable-math.gif"
}, {
    "name": "Info Properties",
    "url": "/courses/csintro1/intro/info",
    "imageUrl": "/static/courses/csintro1/intro/info.gif"


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