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NeoPixel driver

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This library provides a driver for various Neo Pixel LED strips, see https://www.adafruit.com/category/168.

NeoPixels consist of programmable RGB LEDs (WS2812B), every one of them controlled separately.

~ hint

See Microsoft/pxt-ws2812b for basic WS2812B led support.


Basic usage

// Create a NeoPixel driver - specify the pin, number of LEDs, and the type of 
// the NeoPixel srip, either standard RGB (with GRB or RGB format) or RGB+White.
let strip = neopixel.create(DigitalPin.P0, 24, NeoPixelMode.RGB);

// set pixel colors
strip.setPixelColor(0, NeoPixelColors.White); // white
strip.setPixelColor(1, 0xff0000);     // red
strip.setPixelColor(2, 0x00ff00);     // green
strip.setPixelColor(3, NeoPixelColors.Blue);    // blue

// send the data to the strip

Use ||setBrightness|| to lower the brightness (it's maxed out by default).

Use ||shift|| or ||rotate|| to shift the lights around.

Use ||setPixelWhiteLED|| to set brightness of the white pixel for RGB+W strips.

HSL color format

Use neopixel.hslToRgb() to create colors using hue, saturation, and lightness.

Example: Using accelerometer to control colors

This little program will let the position of the microbit control the color of the first LED. This first LED will then get shifted further away every 100ms.

let strip = neopixel.create(DigitalPin.P0, 24, NeoPixelMode.RGB_RGB)
while (true) {
    let x = input.acceleration(Dimension.X) / 2;
    let y = input.acceleration(Dimension.Y) / 2;
    let z = input.acceleration(Dimension.Z) / 2;
    strip.setPixelColor(0, neopixel.rgb(x, y, -z));

Supported targets

  • for PXT/microbit
  • for PXT/calliope



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