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F# project support #315

mikhailshilkov opened this Issue Apr 9, 2018 · 7 comments


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mikhailshilkov commented Apr 9, 2018

Are there plans to support F# project / function creation?
I'm willing to help with this, if you give me some high-level guidance.


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whitetigle commented Apr 9, 2018



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EricJizbaMSFT commented Apr 9, 2018

We already have limited support for F#. In your user settings for VS Code, set "azureFunctions.projectLanguage" to "F#Script". The next time you create a project, you will not be prompted for a language and it will use F#Script instead.

With that project, you can create a new function:
screen shot 2018-04-09 at 3 25 02 pm
(NOTE: I'm using runtime v1.x on Windows. The functions runtime doesn't support F# for v2.x yet.)

And then if you do "Run Task" from the command palette, you can run the Functions host in VS Code's task system:
screen shot 2018-04-09 at 3 26 59 pm

The biggest piece missing is debugging, aka the "launch.json" file in the ".vscode" folder. I'm guessing it might be similar to the "launch.json" for C#, but I have no idea. Have you debugged other F# projects in VS Code that aren't related to Functions? How does that usually work? What VS Code extensions do you need?


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mikhailshilkov commented Apr 10, 2018

Why doesn't it appear in the default language selection?


This makes it hard to discover, while the whole point is to help people get started.

And of course, we need support for precompiled F# and v2, since that's the future, and F# tooling actually works best with those.

Debugging F# works just fine. I am able to debug precompiled v2 F# Azure Functions created manually with dotnet new command. launch.json is probably exactly the same as C# one, since it's dotnet doing all the work. Ionide is the plugin to do all things F# in VS Code.


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EricJizbaMSFT commented Apr 10, 2018

The simplest answer is because we don't think the experience I described above is good enough to display in the default language selection yet. We have the settings for more advanced users that want to explore, but we don't want people getting started on a bad/underdeveloped experience.

We're adding languages to that list on a case-by-case basis once they have full support (including debugging). I can't make any guarantees on timing for F#, but feedback like this definitely helps us prioritize which language to work on next (There's actually several languages not displayed including Bash, PowerShell, PHP, Python, TypeScript, etc.).

Based on your input and my experience with our C# support - I'm guessing we'll never add 'F#Script' to that list and instead only add 'F#' (Aka precompiled instead of script). We're using these templates for C#, but I don't think those exist for F# yet. When you used dotnet new, I assume you're not using a Function-specific template?


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mikhailshilkov commented Apr 10, 2018

OK, clear. F# Script might still be useful for some folks, but I don't use it.

The other languages you mention are experimental, I hope F# stands above this list.

There is Azure/azure-functions-templates#627 where we try to add F# precompiled templates and Azure/azure-functions-templates#665 to add them to your nuget package.


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forki commented Apr 11, 2018

Definitely interested in better tooling support for f#. We have around 40 F# functions right now and we are planning to do WAY more


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TonyHenrique commented Apr 13, 2018

Yes, please give F# more attention.

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