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Cloud Foundry build extension for Visual Studio Team Services allows you to automated the deployment process to any Cloud Foundry instance. This extension provides a build task to enable you to push applications to any Cloud Foundry instance. It also includes a Utility task to run any Cloud Foundry CLI commands as part of your build process.

Create a Cloud Foundry Connection

Create a Generic Service Endpoint and specify your Cloud Foundry API endpoint URL, email/username and password.

Open the settings/admin page for your account and go to Services tab.

Cloud Foundry Endpoint

Enter the endpoint details.

Generic Endpoint Details

Define your build process

Create a build definition to automate your build process. For detailed instructions on setting up a build definition, check this

Add the Cloud Foundry Build tasks to your build steps and setup the arguments. The Cloud Foundry build task to push applications to Cloud Foundry can be found under Deploy category. The Cloud Foundry CLI task to run any Cloud Foundry CLI command can be found under the Utility category.

Cloud Foundry Build Tasks

Install Cloud Foundry CLI on your build agent

The task will look for the Cloud Foundry CLI in the PATH on the build machine. An alternate path to the Cloud Foundry CLI can be specified in the Advanced section of the task. This can be a local path on the build machine or a server path.

If you are using your own agent, install the Cloud Foundry CLI on your build server. If you are using the hosted agent, you will need to checkin the Cloud Foundry CLI to your repository and provide that server path in the task. We are looking into installing Cloud Foundry CLI on the hosted build machines or packaging it with the extension for the next release.


We love and encourage community contributions. To contribute:

  1. Submit issues for bugs or suggestions to help us improve the extension
  2. Fork the code and submit pull requests for any bug fixes or features

Build pre-requisites

  1. This package requires node and npm

To compile, run:

  1. npm install
  2. gulp

The vsix package will be produced in _package, and it can be uploaded to Visual Studio Team Services Marketplace for sharing.