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Find file Copy path
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Resource Default/maximum limit Note
Azure Application Gateway 1,000 per subscription
Front-end IP configurations 2 1 public and 1 private
Front-end ports 1001
Back-end address pools 1001
Back-end servers per pool 1,200
HTTP listeners 1001
HTTP load-balancing rules 1001
Back-end HTTP settings 1001
Instances per gateway 32
SSL certificates 1001 1 per HTTP listeners
Maximum SSL certificate size V1 SKU - 10 KB
V2 SKU - 16 KB
Authentication certificates 100
Trusted root certificates 100
Request timeout minimum 1 second
Request timeout maximum 24 hours
Number of sites 1001 1 per HTTP listeners
URL maps per listener 1
Maximum path-based rules per URL map 100
Redirect configurations 1001
Concurrent WebSocket connections Medium gateways 20k
Large gateways 50k
Maximum URL length 8,000
Maximum file upload size, Standard 2 GB
Maximum file upload size WAF Medium WAF gateways, 100 MB
Large WAF gateways, 500 MB
WAF body size limit, without files 128 KB
Maximum WAF custom rules 100
Maximum WAF exclusions 100

1 In case of WAF-enabled SKUs, we recommend that you limit the number of resources to 40 for optimal performance.

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