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App Service Helpers Banner

App Service Helpers

Make sure your apps work with poor to no connectivity through supporting offline scenarios.

App Service Helpers (ASH) makes it as easy as possible to add data storage with sync support to your Xamarin based mobile apps with Microsoft's Azure App Service Platform. ASH was built with the mobile developer in mind and requires no previous experience with developing backend infrastructure. The library exists entirely to allow you to focus on the mobile app.


ASH removes a lot of complexities of developing cloud-connected apps by allowing you to add online/offline synchronisation functionality to apps in just four lines of code. With ASH being an abstraction API, its also possible to call into the underlying APIs unlocking easy Authentication. Users can authenticate with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft accounts, Azure AD, and even Azure B2C.

ASH even takes care of securely storing access tokens and refreshing them regularly, with no extra effort required from you.

App Service Helpers is developed as a supplemental library to Microsoft's Azure Client SDK. Rather than replacing this library, ASH extends it by lowering the barrier to entry for developers who wish to build cloud-connected mobile apps in C#. If you ever find yourself outgrowing App Service Helpers, you can drop down to a lower level with the Microsoft Azure Client SDK for fine-tuned control or even remove ASH with minimal refactoring.

Supported Platforms

Quick Start

The most basic usage of the library can be achieved with just four lines of code. Below shows how to do this in the context of a To Do app.

  1. Add Nuget Package
Install-Package AppService.Helpers
  1. Intialise
var client = new EasyMobileServiceClient();

//Register our objects
  1. Using You can now create a ConnectedObservableCollection of your type for use in databindings.
var Todos = new ConnectedObservableCollection<ToDo>(client.Table<ToDo>());

Learn More with Docs!

You can find a compresentive set of docs created using VuePress & hosted using Azure Storage Static sites.

More Resources

Problems or Suggestions

Open an issue here


Developed by former Xamarin employees, now working for Microsoft.

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Mike James Pierce Boggan
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Licensed under MIT see License file.


Add data storage and authentication to your app in a few lines of code.



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