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@AlanGriffiths AlanGriffiths released this Aug 13, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

ABI summary:

  • mirserver ABI bumped to 50
  • [MirAL] Support for exclusive zones
  • [Wayland] Many Layer Shell improvements
  • [mirclient] Make the mirclient socket optional and disabled by default
  • [mir-utils] Delete mirrun and mirbacklight
  • [mir-demos] Replace using miral-wayland in the scripts with a name of the form wayland-[0-9]

Bugs fixed:

  • [Wayland] To accommodate GTK3 publish bespoke extensions before wl_seat. (Fixes #922)
  • [Wayland] Handle mir_event_type_close_window. (Fixes #946)
  • [Wayland] Send wl_buffer.release on the Wayland thread. (Fixes #951)
  • [wlcs test fixture] Fix command-line processing so that --wayland-extensions can be used. (Fixes #906)
  • Add header that needs to be explicitly included for protobuf 3.8. (Fixes #913)
  • Track registering miral::WaylandExtensions objects with mir::Servers and error if there is more than one. (Fixes #875)
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