Wayland Conformance Test Suite
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Wayland Conformance Test Suite

wlcs aspires to be a protocol-conformance-verifying test suite usable by Wayland compositor implementors.

It is growing out of porting the existing Weston test suite to be run in Mir's test suite, but it is designed to be usable by any compositor.

There have been a number of previous attempts at a Wayland compositor test suite - the Wayland Functional Integration Test Suite, and the Weston test suite are a couple of examples.

What sets libwlcs apart from the graveyard of existing test suites is its integration method.

Previous test suites have used a Wayland protocol extension to interrogate the compositor state. This obviously requires that compositors implement that protocol, means that tests only have access to information provided by that protocol, and the IPC means that there isn't a canonical happens-before ordering available.

Instead, libwlcs, as its name suggets, is a library for building your test suite. This makes both writing and debugging tests easier - the tests are (generally) in the same address space as the compositor, so there is a consistent global clock available, it's easier to poke around in compositor internals, and standard debugging tools can follow control flow from the test client to the compositor and back again.


libwlcs provides the tests and a main() function. All that a compositor needs to do is to provide implementations of the weak symbols found in display_server.h that are used to drive the compositor.

The Mir integration is provided as an example in examples/mir_integration.cpp.