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Measurement of Biodiversity (MoB)

The repositories related to an iDiv working group examining best practices in the measurement of biodiversity

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  1. mobr mobr Public

    Tools for analyzing changes in diversity across scales

    R 23 17

  2. mobsim mobsim Public

    Spatial analysis and simulation of ecological communities

    R 19 14

  3. elev_gradient elev_gradient Public

    MoB analysis of communities along elevation gradient

    R 2 3

  4. beta_concept beta_concept Public

    R 2

  5. mobsim_app mobsim_app Public

    Shiny app for the R package mobsim

    R 1 3

  6. div_gradient div_gradient Public

    To examine what aspects of community structure shift along temperate to tropical diversity gradients.

    R 2


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