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Software Copyright and License
This software is copyright 2012-2015 by Jonathan Worthington and others.
The Artistic License 2.0 (see Artistic2.txt) applies to this project, but
some portions are redistributed under other licenses and are marked as such.
Unofficial summary of the intended application of the Artistic License 2.0:
- All the source code is available for anyone to read and to submit patches.
- You may "take" and re-use large portions of the source code at will.
- There is a "Standard Version" of this software to protect its name and
namespace as it's used in redistributions by package maintainers.
- "Downstream" package maintainers allow us to use their bug fixes/patches.
- You may bundle it with software you sell, or you may link/embed it.
- You may fork and release modified builds if you thoroughly rename it.
-- 3rdparty/ license information
- dynasm MIT
- dyncall MIT
- libtommath Public Domain
- libuv MIT,BSD,ISC
- msinttypes MIT
- sha1 Public Domain
- tinymt MIT
- uthash.h MIT
- freebsd MIT