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Crystalfontz ePaper Display Wiring Guide

Copyright 2018 Moddable Tech, Inc.
Revised: October 23, 2018


Part CFAP128296C0-0290 (datasheet)
Size 2.9" 128x296
Type EPD (Electronic Paper Displays)
Interface SPI
Drivers video destm32s, no touch
Availability 128x296 ePaper Display
Description This is a TFT active matrix electrophoretic display (ePaper/E-Ink) with 1-bit white/black full display capabilities.

One benefit of this display is very low power consumption. The only time you need to provide power to this ePaper module is while updating the display. Once the image is displayed you can remove the power source and the display will continue to display the image appropriately.

We used the destm32s adaptor board to interface with the display. See: Crystalfontz part CFAP128296C0-E1-1 on the display product page.

Moddable example code

The love-e-ink example is good for testing this display. To run a debug build, use the following build command:

cd $MODDABLE/examples/piu/love-e-ink/
mcconfig -d -m -p esp/crystalfontz_monochrome_epaper -r 270

ESP8266 pinout

eInk Display ESP8266 ESP8266 Devboard label
5 - 3.3v 3.3v
13 - SCK GPIO 14 (D5)
14 - SDI GPIO 13 (D7)
15 - DC GPIO 2 (D4)
16 - CS GPIO 4 (D2)
17 - BUSY GPIO 5 (D1)
18 - Reset 3.3v

Generic 2.4"-2.8" wiring illustration