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  • (Fill this out as you fix issues and develop your features).

Changes in 0.21.0

  • Bug fix in DynamicDocument which is not parsing known fields in constructor like Document do #2412
  • When using pymongo >= 3.7, make use of Collection.count_documents instead of Collection.count
    and Cursor.count that got deprecated in pymongo >= 3.7. This should have a negative impact on performance of count see Issue #2219
  • Fix a bug that made the queryset drop the read_preference after clone().
  • Remove Py3.5 from CI as it reached EOL and add Python 3.9
  • Fix some issues related with db_field/field conflict in constructor #2414
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Fix the behavior of Doc.objects.limit(0) which should return all documents (similar to mongodb) #2311
  • Bug fix in ListField when updating the first item, it was saving the whole list, instead of
    just replacing the first item (as usually done when updating 1 item of the list) #2392
  • Add EnumField: mongoengine.fields.EnumField
  • Refactoring - Remove useless code related to Document.__only_fields and Queryset.only_fields
  • Fix query transformation regarding special operators #2365
  • Bug Fix: fails when shard_key is not _id #2154

Changes in 0.20.0

  • ATTENTION: Drop support for Python2
  • Add Mongo 4.0 to Travis
  • Fix error when setting a string as a ComplexDateTimeField #2253
  • Bump development Status classifier to Production/Stable #2232
  • Improve Queryset.get to avoid confusing MultipleObjectsReturned message in case multiple match are found #630
  • Fixed a bug causing inaccurate query results, while combining __raw__ and regular filters for the same field #2264
  • Add support for the elemMatch projection operator in .fields() (e.g BlogPost.objects.fields(elemMatch__comments="test")) #2267
  • DictField validate failed without default connection (bug introduced in 0.19.0) #2239
  • Remove methods that were deprecated years ago:
    • name parameter in Field constructor e.g StringField(name="..."), was replaced by db_field
    • Queryset.slave_okay() was deprecated since pymongo3
    • dropDups was dropped with MongoDB3
    • Queryset._ensure_indexes and Queryset.ensure_indexes, the right method to use is Document.ensure_indexes
  • Added pre-commit for development/CI #2212
  • Renamed requirements-lint.txt to requirements-dev.txt #2212
  • Support for setting ReadConcern #2255

Changes in 0.19.1

  • Tests require Pillow < 7.0.0 as it dropped Python2 support
  • DEPRECATION: The interface of QuerySet.aggregate method was changed, it no longer takes an unpacked list of
    pipeline steps (*pipeline) but simply takes the pipeline list just like pymongo.Collection.aggregate does. #2079

Changes in 0.19.0

  • BREAKING CHANGE: class_check and read_preference keyword arguments are no longer available when filtering a QuerySet. #2112
    • Instead of Doc.objects(foo=bar, read_preference=...) use Doc.objects(foo=bar).read_preference(...).
    • Instead of Doc.objects(foo=bar, class_check=False) use Doc.objects(foo=bar).clear_cls_query(...).
    • This change also renames the private QuerySet._initial_query attribute to _cls_query.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the deprecated format param from QuerySet.explain. #2113
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed MongoEngineConnectionError to ConnectionFailure. #2111
    • If you catch/use MongoEngineConnectionError in your code, you'll have to rename it.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Positional arguments when instantiating a document are no longer supported. #2103
    • From now on keyword arguments (e.g. Doc(field_name=value)) are required.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: A LazyReferenceField is now stored in the _data field of its parent as a DBRef, Document, or EmbeddedDocument (ObjectId is no longer allowed). #2182
  • DEPRECATION: Q.empty & QNode.empty are marked as deprecated and will be removed in a next version of MongoEngine. #2210
    • Added ability to check if Q or QNode are empty by parsing them to bool.
    • Instead of Q(name="John").empty use not Q(name="John").
  • Fix updating/modifying/deleting/reloading a document that's sharded by a field with db_field specified. #2125
  • Only set no_cursor_timeout when requested (fixes an incompatibility with MongoDB 4.2) #2148
  • ListField now accepts an optional max_length parameter. #2110
  • Improve error message related to InvalidDocumentError #2180
  • Added BulkWriteError to replace NotUniqueError which was misleading in bulk write insert #2152
  • Added ability to compare Q and Q operations #2204
  • Added ability to use a db alias on query_counter #2194
  • Added ability to specify collations for querysets with Doc.objects.collation #2024
  • Fix updates of a list field by negative index #2094
  • Switch from nosetest to pytest as test runner #2114
  • The codebase is now formatted using black. #2109
  • Documentation improvements:
    • Documented how pymongo.monitoring can be used to log all queries issued by MongoEngine to the driver.

Changes in 0.18.2

  • Replace deprecated PyMongo v2.x methods with their v3.x equivalents in the SequenceField. #2097
  • Various code clarity and documentation improvements.

Changes in 0.18.1

  • Fix a bug introduced in 0.18.0 which was causing to update all the fields instead of updating only the modified fields. This bug only occurred when using a custom PK. #2082
  • Add Python 3.7 to Travis CI. #2058

Changes in 0.18.0

  • Drop support for EOL'd MongoDB v2.6, v3.0, and v3.2.
  • MongoEngine now requires PyMongo >= v3.4. Travis CI now tests against MongoDB v3.4 – v3.6 and PyMongo v3.4 – v3.6. #2017 #2066
  • Improve performance by avoiding a call to to_mongo in #2049
  • Connection/disconnection improvements:
    • Expose mongoengine.connection.disconnect and mongoengine.connection.disconnect_all.
    • Fix disconnecting. #566 #1599 #605 #607 #1213 #565
    • Improve documentation of connect/disconnect.
    • Fix issue when using multiple connections to the same mongo with different credentials. #2047
    • connect fails immediately when db name contains invalid characters. #2031 #1718
  • Fix the default write concern of that was overwriting the connection write concern. #568
  • Fix querying on List(EmbeddedDocument) subclasses fields. #1961 #1492
  • Fix querying on (Generic)EmbeddedDocument subclasses fields. #475
  • Fix QuerySet.aggregate so that it takes limit and skip value into account. #2029
  • Generate unique indices for SortedListField and EmbeddedDocumentListFields. #2020
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the behavior of a custom field validator (i.e validation parameter of a Field). It is now expected to raise a ValidationError instead of returning True/False. #2050
  • BREAKING CHANGES (associated with connection/disconnection fixes):
    • Calling connect 2 times with the same alias and different parameter will raise an error (should call disconnect first).
    • disconnect now clears mongoengine.connection._connection_settings.
    • disconnect now clears the cached attribute Document._collection.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: & .reload no longer exist. #1552

Changes in 0.17.0

  • POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: All result fields are now passed, including internal fields (_cls, _id) when using QuerySet.as_pymongo. #1976
  • Document a BREAKING CHANGE introduced in 0.15.3 and not reported at that time. #1995
  • DEPRECATION: & .reload are marked as deprecated and will be removed in a next version of MongoEngine. #1552
  • Fix QuerySet.only working improperly after using QuerySet.count of the same instance of a QuerySet.
  • Fix batch_size that was not copied when cloning a QuerySet object. #2011
  • Fix InvalidStringData error when using modify on a BinaryField. #1127
  • Fix test suite and CI to support MongoDB v3.4. #1445
  • Fix reference fields querying the database on each access if value contains orphan DBRefs.

Changes in 0.16.3

  • Fix $push with the $position operator not working with lists in embedded documents. #1965

Changes in 0.16.2

  • Fix that fails when called with write_concern=None (regression of 0.16.1). #1958

Changes in 0.16.1

  • Fix _cls that is not set properly in the Document constructor (regression). #1950
  • Fix a bug in the _delta method - update of a ListField depends on an unrelated dynamic field update. #1733
  • Remove PyMongo's deprecated method and use Collection.insert_one instead. #1899

Changes in 0.16.0

    • EmbeddedDocumentField will no longer accept references to Document classes in its constructor. #1661
    • Get rid of the basecls parameter from the DictField constructor (dead code). #1876
    • Default value of the ComplexDateTime field is now None (and no longer the current datetime). #1368
  • Fix an unhashable TypeError when referencing a Document with a compound key in an EmbeddedDocument. #1685
  • Fix a bug where an EmbeddedDocument with the same id as its parent would not be tracked for changes. #1768
  • Fix the fact that a bulk QuerySet.insert was not setting primary keys of inserted document instances. #1919
  • Fix a bug when referencing an abstract class in a ReferenceField. #1920
  • Allow modifications to the document made in pre_save_post_validation to be taken into account. #1202
  • Replace MongoDB v2.4 tests in Travis CI with MongoDB v3.2. #1903
  • Fix side effects of using QuerySet.no_dereference on other documents. #1677
  • Fix TypeError when using lazy Django translation objects as translated choices. #1879
  • Improve Python 2-3 codebase compatibility. #1889
  • Fix support for changing the default value of the ComplexDateTime field. #1368
  • Improve error message in case an EmbeddedDocumentListField receives an EmbeddedDocument instance instead of a list. #1877
  • Fix the inc and dec operators for the DecimalField. #1517 #1320
  • Ignore killcursors queries in query_counter context manager. #1869
  • Fix the fact that query_counter was modifying the initial profiling level in case it was != 0. #1870
  • Repair the no_sub_classes context manager + fix the fact that it was swallowing exceptions. #1865
  • Fix index creation error that was swallowed by hasattr under Python 2. #1688
  • QuerySet.limit function behaviour: Passing 0 as parameter will return all the documents in the cursor. #1611
  • Bulk insert updates the IDs of the input documents instances. #1919
  • Fix a harmless bug related to GenericReferenceField where modifications in the generic-referenced document were tracked in the parent. #1934
  • Improve validation of the BinaryField. #273
  • Implement lazy regex compiling in Field classes to improve import mongoengine performance. #1806
  • Update GridFSProxy.__str__ so that it would always print both the filename and grid_id. #710
  • Add __repr__ to Q and QCombination classes. #1843
  • Fix bug in the BaseList.__iter__ operator (was occuring when modifying a BaseList while iterating over it). #1676
  • Add a DateField. #513
  • Various improvements to the documentation.
  • Various code quality improvements.

Changes in 0.15.3

  • Queryset.update/update_one methods now return an UpdateResult when full_result=True is provided and no longer a dict. #1491
  • Improve LazyReferenceField and GenericLazyReferenceField with nested fields. #1704
  • Fix the subfield resolve error in generic_emdedded_document query. #1651 #1652
  • Use each modifier only with $position. #1673 #1675
  • Fix validation errors in the GenericEmbeddedDocumentField. #1067
  • Update cached fields when a fields argument is given. #1712
  • Add a db parameter to register_connection for compatibility with connect.
  • Use PyMongo v3.x's insert_one and insert_many in Document.insert. #1491
  • Use PyMongo v3.x's update_one and update_many in Document.update and QuerySet.update. #1491
  • Fix how reload(fields) affects changed fields. #1371
  • Fix a bug where the read-only access to the database fails when trying to create indexes. #1338

Changes in 0.15.0

  • Add LazyReferenceField and GenericLazyReferenceField. #1230

Changes in 0.14.1

  • Remove SemiStrictDict and start using a regular dict for BaseDocument._data. #1630
  • Add support for the $position param in the $push operator. #1566
  • Fix DateTimeField interpreting an empty string as today. #1533
  • Add a missing __ne__ method to the GridFSProxy class. #1632
  • Fix BaseQuerySet._fields_to_db_fields. #1553

Changes in 0.14.0

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Remove the coerce_types param from QuerySet.as_pymongo. #1549
  • POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: Make EmbeddedDocument not hashable by default. #1528
  • Improve code quality. #1531, #1540, #1541, #1547

Changes in 0.13.0

  • POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: Added Unicode support to the EmailField, see docs/upgrade.rst for details.

Changes in 0.12.0

  • POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: Fix limit/skip/hint/batch_size chaining. #1476
  • POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: Change a public QuerySet.clone_into method to a private QuerySet._clone_into. #1476
  • Fix the way Document.objects.create works with duplicate IDs. #1485
  • Fix connecting to a replica set with PyMongo 2.x. #1436
  • Fix using sets in field choices. #1481
  • Fix deleting items from a ListField. #1318
  • Fix an obscure error message when filtering by field__in=non_iterable. #1237
  • Fix behavior of a dec update operator. #1450
  • Add a rename update operator. #1454
  • Add validation for the db_field parameter. #1448
  • Fix the error message displayed when querying an EmbeddedDocumentField by an invalid value. #1440
  • Fix the error message displayed when validating Unicode URLs. #1486
  • Raise an error when trying to save an abstract document. #1449

Changes in 0.11.0

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Rename ConnectionError to MongoEngineConnectionError since the former is a built-in exception name in Python v3.x. #1428
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Drop Python v2.6 support. #1428
  • BREAKING CHANGE: from mongoengine.base import ErrorClass won't work anymore for any error from mongoengine.errors (e.g. ValidationError). Use from mongoengine.errors import ErrorClass instead. #1428
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Accessing a broken reference will raise a DoesNotExist error. In the past it used to return None. #1334
  • Fix absent rounding for the DecimalField when force_string is set. #1103

Changes in 0.10.8

  • Add support for QuerySet.batch_size. (#1426)
  • Fix a query set iteration within an iteration. #1427
  • Fix an issue where specifying a MongoDB URI host would override more information than it should. #1421
  • Add an ability to filter the GenericReferenceField by an ObjectId and a DBRef. #1425
  • Fix cascading deletes for models with a custom primary key field. #1247
  • Add ability to specify an authentication mechanism (e.g. X.509). #1333
  • Add support for falsy primary keys (e.g. = 0). #1354
  • Fix QuerySet.sum/average for fields w/ an explicit db_field. #1417
  • Fix filtering by embedded_doc=None. #1422
  • Add support for Cursor.comment. #1420
  • Fix doc.get_<field>_display methods. #1419
  • Fix the __repr__ method of the StrictDict #1424
  • Add a deprecation warning for Python v2.6.

Changes in 0.10.7

  • Drop Python 3.2 support #1390
  • Fix a bug where a dynamic doc has an index inside a dict field. #1278
  • Fix: ListField minus index assignment does not work. #1128
  • Fix cascade delete mixing among collections. #1224
  • Add signal_kwargs argument to, Document.delete and BaseQuerySet.insert to be passed to signals calls. #1206
  • Raise OperationError when trying to do a drop_collection on document with no collection set.
  • Fix a bug where a count on ListField of EmbeddedDocumentField fails. #1187
  • Fix LongField values stored as int32 in Python 3. #1253
  • MapField now handles unicode keys correctly. #1267
  • ListField now handles negative indicies correctly. #1270
  • Fix an AttributeError when initializing an EmbeddedDocument with positional args. #681
  • Fix a no_cursor_timeout error with PyMongo v3.x. #1304
  • Replace map-reduce based QuerySet.sum/average with aggregation-based implementations. #1336
  • Fix support for __ to escape field names that match operators' names in update. #1351
  • Fix BaseDocument._mark_as_changed. #1369
  • Add support for pickling QuerySet instances. #1397
  • Fix connecting to a list of hosts. #1389
  • Fix a bug where accessing broken references wouldn't raise a DoesNotExist error. #1334
  • Fix not being able to specify use_db_field=False on ListField(EmbeddedDocumentField) instances. #1218
  • Improvements to the dictionary field's docs. #1383

Changes in 0.10.6

  • Add support for mocking MongoEngine based on mongomock. #1151
  • Fix not being able to run tests on Windows. #1153
  • Allow creation of sparse compound indexes. #1114

Changes in 0.10.5

  • Fix for reloading of strict with special fields. #1156

Changes in 0.10.4

  • SaveConditionError is now importable from the top level package. #1165
  • Add a QuerySet.upsert_one method. #1157

Changes in 0.10.3

  • Fix read_preference (it had chaining issues with PyMongo v2.x and it didn't work at all with PyMongo v3.x). #1042

Changes in 0.10.2

  • Allow shard key to point to a field in an embedded document. #551
  • Allow arbirary metadata in fields. #1129
  • ReferenceFields now support abstract document types. #837

Changes in 0.10.1

  • Fix infinite recursion with cascade delete rules under specific conditions. #1046
  • Fix CachedReferenceField bug when loading cached docs as DBRef but failing to save them. #1047
  • Fix ignored chained options. #842
  •'s save_condition error raises a SaveConditionError exception. #1070
  • Fix Document.reload for the DynamicDocument. #1050
  • StrictDict & SemiStrictDict are shadowed at init time. #1105
  • Fix ListField negative index assignment not working. #1119
  • Remove code that marks a field as changed when the field has a default value but does not exist in the database. #1126
  • Remove test dependencies (nose and rednose) from install dependencies. #1079
  • Recursively build a query when using the elemMatch operator. #1130
  • Fix instance back references for lists of embedded documents. #1131

Changes in 0.10.0

  • Django support was removed and will be available as a separate extension. #958
  • Allow to load undeclared field with meta attribute 'strict': False #957
  • Support for PyMongo 3+ #946
  • Removed get_or_create() deprecated since 0.8.0. #300
  • Improve Document._created status when switch collection and db #1020
  • Queryset update doesn't go through field validation #453
  • Added support for specifying authentication source as option authSource in URI. #967
  • Fixed mark_as_changed to handle higher/lower level fields changed. #927
  • ListField of embedded docs doesn't set the _instance attribute when iterating over it #914
  • Support += and *= for ListField #595
  • Use sets for populating dbrefs to dereference
  • Fixed unpickled documents replacing the global field's list. #888
  • Fixed storage of microseconds in ComplexDateTimeField and unused separator option. #910
  • Don't send a "cls" option to ensureIndex (related to
  • Fix for updating sorting in SortedListField. #978
  • Added __ support to escape field name in fields lookup keywords that match operators names #949
  • Fix for issue where FileField deletion did not free space in GridFS.
  • No_dereference() not respected on embedded docs containing reference. #517
  • Document save raise an exception if save_condition fails #1005
  • Fixes some internal _id handling issue. #961
  • Updated URL and Email Field regex validators, added schemes argument to URLField validation. #652
  • Capped collection multiple of 256. #1011
  • Added BaseQuerySet.aggregate_sum and BaseQuerySet.aggregate_average methods.
  • Fix for delete with write_concern {'w': 0}. #1008
  • Allow dynamic lookup for more than two parts. #882
  • Added support for min_distance on geo queries. #831
  • Allow to add custom metadata to fields #705

Changes in 0.9.0

  • Update FileField when creating a new file #714
  • Added EmbeddedDocumentListField for Lists of Embedded Documents. #826
  • ComplexDateTimeField should fall back to None when null=True #864
  • Request Support for $min, $max Field update operators #863
  • BaseDict does not follow setdefault #866
  • Add support for $type operator # 766
  • Fix tests for pymongo 2.8+ #877
  • No module named 'django.utils.importlib' (Django dev) #872
  • Field Choices Now Accept Subclasses of Documents
  • Ensure Indexes before Each Save #812
  • Generate Unique Indices for Lists of EmbeddedDocuments #358
  • Sparse fields #515
  • write_concern not in params of Collection#remove #801
  • Better BaseDocument equality check when not saved #798
  • OperationError: Shard Keys are immutable. Tried to update id even though the document is not yet saved #771
  • with_limit_and_skip for count should default like in pymongo #759
  • Fix storing value of precision attribute in DecimalField #787
  • Set attribute to None does not work (at least for fields with default values) #734
  • Querying by a field defined in a subclass raises InvalidQueryError #744
  • Add Support For MongoDB 2.6.X's maxTimeMS #778
  • abstract shouldn't be inherited in EmbeddedDocument # 789
  • Allow specifying the '_cls' as a field for indexes #397
  • Stop ensure_indexes running on a secondaries unless connection is through mongos #746
  • Not overriding default values when loading a subset of fields #399
  • Saving document doesn't create new fields in existing collection #620
  • Added Queryset.aggregate wrapper to aggregation framework #703
  • Added support to show original model fields on to_json calls instead of db_field #697
  • Added Queryset.search_text to Text indexes searchs #700
  • Fixed tests for Django 1.7 #696
  • Follow ReferenceFields in EmbeddedDocuments with select_related #690
  • Added preliminary support for text indexes #680
  • Added elemMatch operator as well - match is too obscure #653
  • Added support for progressive JPEG #486 #548
  • Allow strings to be used in index creation #675
  • Fixed EmbeddedDoc weakref proxy issue #592
  • Fixed nested reference field distinct error #583
  • Fixed change tracking on nested MapFields #539
  • Dynamic fields in embedded documents now visible to queryset.only() / qs.exclude() #425 #507
  • Add authentication_source option to register_connection #178 #464 #573 #580 #590
  • Implemented equality between Documents and DBRefs #597
  • Fixed ReferenceField inside nested ListFields dereferencing problem #368
  • Added the ability to reload specific document fields #100
  • Added db_alias support and fixes for custom map/reduce output #586
  • post_save signal now has access to delta information about field changes #594 #589
  • Don't query with $orderby for qs.get() #600
  • Fix id shard key save issue #636
  • Fixes issue with recursive embedded document errors #557
  • Fix clear_changed_fields() clearing unsaved documents bug #602
  • Removing support for Django 1.4.x, pymongo 2.5.x, pymongo 2.6.x.
  • Removing support for Python < 2.6.6
  • Fixed $maxDistance location for geoJSON $near queries with MongoDB 2.6+ #664
  • QuerySet.modify() and Document.modify() methods to provide find_and_modify() like behaviour #677 #773
  • Added support for the using() method on a queryset #676
  • PYPY support #673
  • Connection pooling #674
  • Avoid to open all documents from cursors in an if stmt #655
  • Ability to clear the ordering #657
  • Raise NotUniqueError in Document.update() on pymongo.errors.DuplicateKeyError #626
  • Slots - memory improvements #625
  • Fixed incorrectly split a query key when it ends with "_" #619
  • Geo docs updates #613
  • Workaround a dateutil bug #608
  • Conditional save for atomic-style operations #511
  • Allow dynamic dictionary-style field access #559
  • Increase email field length to accommodate new TLDs #726
  • index_cls is ignored when deciding to set _cls as index prefix #733
  • Make 'db' argument to connection optional #737
  • Allow atomic update for the entire DictField #742
  • Added MultiPointField, MultiLineField, MultiPolygonField
  • Fix multiple connections aliases being rewritten #748
  • Fixed a few instances where reverse_delete_rule was written as reverse_delete_rules. #791
  • Make in_bulk() respect no_dereference() #775
  • Handle None from model __str__; Fixes #753 #754
  • _get_changed_fields fix for embedded documents with id field. #925

Changes in 0.8.7

  • Calling reload on deleted / nonexistent documents raises DoesNotExist (#538)
  • Stop ensure_indexes running on a secondaries (#555)
  • Fix circular import issue with django auth (#531) (#545)

Changes in 0.8.6

  • Fix django auth import (#531)

Changes in 0.8.5

  • Fix multi level nested fields getting marked as changed (#523)
  • Django 1.6 login fix (#522) (#527)
  • Django 1.6 session fix (#509)
  • EmbeddedDocument._instance is now set when setting the attribute (#506)
  • Fixed EmbeddedDocument with ReferenceField equality issue (#502)
  • Fixed GenericReferenceField serialization order (#499)
  • Fixed count and none bug (#498)
  • Fixed bug with .only() and DictField with digit keys (#496)
  • Added user_permissions to Django User object (#491, #492)
  • Fix updating Geo Location fields (#488)
  • Fix handling invalid dict field value (#485)
  • Added app_label to MongoUser (#484)
  • Use defaults when host and port are passed as None (#483)
  • Fixed distinct casting issue with ListField of EmbeddedDocuments (#470)
  • Fixed Django 1.6 sessions (#454, #480)

Changes in 0.8.4

  • Remove database name necessity in uri connection schema (#452)
  • Fixed "$pull" semantics for nested ListFields (#447)
  • Allow fields to be named the same as query operators (#445)
  • Updated field filter logic - can now exclude subclass fields (#443)
  • Fixed dereference issue with embedded listfield referencefields (#439)
  • Fixed slice when using inheritance causing fields to be excluded (#437)
  • Fixed ._get_db() attribute after a Document.switch_db() (#441)
  • Dynamic Fields store and recompose Embedded Documents / Documents correctly (#449)
  • Handle dynamic fieldnames that look like digits (#434)
  • Added get_user_document and improve mongo_auth module (#423)
  • Added str representation of GridFSProxy (#424)
  • Update transform to handle docs erroneously passed to unset (#416)
  • Fixed indexing - turn off _cls (#414)
  • Fixed dereference threading issue in ComplexField.__get__ (#412)
  • Fixed QuerySetNoCache.count() caching (#410)
  • Don't follow references in _get_changed_fields (#422, #417)
  • Allow args and kwargs to be passed through to_json (#420)

Changes in 0.8.3

  • Fixed EmbeddedDocuments with id also storing _id (#402)
  • Added get_proxy_object helper to filefields (#391)
  • Added QuerySetNoCache and QuerySet.no_cache() for lower memory consumption (#365)
  • Fixed sum and average mapreduce dot notation support (#375, #376, #393)
  • Fixed as_pymongo to return the id (#386)
  • Document.select_related() now respects db_alias (#377)
  • Reload uses shard_key if applicable (#384)
  • Dynamic fields are ordered based on creation and stored in _fields_ordered (#396)
  • Fixed pickling dynamic documents _dynamic_fields (#387)
  • Fixed ListField setslice and delslice dirty tracking (#390)
  • Added Django 1.5 PY3 support (#392)
  • Added match ($elemMatch) support for EmbeddedDocuments (#379)
  • Fixed weakref being valid after reload (#374)
  • Fixed queryset.get() respecting no_dereference (#373)
  • Added full_result kwarg to update (#380)

Changes in 0.8.2

  • Added compare_indexes helper (#361)
  • Fixed cascading saves which weren't turned off as planned (#291)
  • Fixed Datastructures so instances are a Document or EmbeddedDocument (#363)
  • Improved cascading saves write performance (#361)
  • Fixed ambiguity and differing behaviour regarding field defaults (#349)
  • ImageFields now include PIL error messages if invalid error (#353)
  • Added lock when calling doc.Delete() for when signals have no sender (#350)
  • Reload forces read preference to be PRIMARY (#355)
  • Querysets are now lest restrictive when querying duplicate fields (#332, #333)
  • FileField now honouring db_alias (#341)
  • Removed customised __set__ change tracking in ComplexBaseField (#344)
  • Removed unused var in _get_changed_fields (#347)
  • Added pre_save_post_validation signal (#345)
  • DateTimeField now auto converts valid datetime isostrings into dates (#343)
  • DateTimeField now uses dateutil for parsing if available (#343)
  • Fixed Doc.objects(read_preference=X) not setting read preference (#352)
  • Django session ttl index expiry fixed (#329)
  • Fixed pickle.loads (#342)
  • Documentation fixes

Changes in 0.8.1

  • Fixed Python 2.6 django auth importlib issue (#326)
  • Fixed pickle unsaved document regression (#327)

Changes in 0.8.0

  • Fixed querying ReferenceField custom_id (#317)
  • Fixed pickle issues with collections (#316)
  • Added get_next_value preview for SequenceFields (#319)
  • Added no_sub_classes context manager and queryset helper (#312)
  • Querysets now utilises a local cache
  • Changed __len__ behaviour in the queryset (#247, #311)
  • Fixed querying string versions of ObjectIds issue with ReferenceField (#307)
  • Added $setOnInsert support for upserts (#308)
  • Upserts now possible with just query parameters (#309)
  • Upserting is the only way to ensure docs are saved correctly (#306)
  • Fixed register_delete_rule inheritance issue
  • Fix cloning of sliced querysets (#303)
  • Fixed update_one write concern (#302)
  • Updated minimum requirement for pymongo to 2.5
  • Add support for new geojson fields, indexes and queries (#299)
  • If values cant be compared mark as changed (#287)
  • Ensure as_pymongo() and to_json honour only() and exclude() (#293)
  • Document serialization uses field order to ensure a strict order is set (#296)
  • DecimalField now stores as float not string (#289)
  • UUIDField now stores as a binary by default (#292)
  • Added Custom User Model for Django 1.5 (#285)
  • Cascading saves now default to off (#291)
  • ReferenceField now store ObjectId's by default rather than DBRef (#290)
  • Added ImageField support for inline replacements (#86)
  • Added SequenceField.set_next_value(value) helper (#159)
  • Updated .only() behaviour - now like exclude it is chainable (#202)
  • Added with_limit_and_skip support to count() (#235)
  • Objects queryset manager now inherited (#256)
  • Updated connection to use MongoClient (#262, #274)
  • Fixed db_alias and inherited Documents (#143)
  • Documentation update for document errors (#124)
  • Deprecated get_or_create (#35)
  • Updated inheritable objects created by upsert now contain _cls (#118)
  • Added support for creating documents with embedded documents in a single operation (#6)
  • Added to_json and from_json to Document (#1)
  • Added to_json and from_json to QuerySet (#131)
  • Updated index creation now tied to Document class (#102)
  • Added none() to queryset (#127)
  • Updated SequenceFields to allow post processing of the calculated counter value (#141)
  • Added clean method to documents for pre validation data cleaning (#60)
  • Added support setting for read prefrence at a query level (#157)
  • Added _instance to EmbeddedDocuments pointing to the parent (#139)
  • Inheritance is off by default (#122)
  • Remove _types and just use _cls for inheritance (#148)
  • Only allow QNode instances to be passed as query objects (#199)
  • Dynamic fields are now validated on save (#153) (#154)
  • Added support for multiple slices and made slicing chainable. (#170) (#190) (#191)
  • Fixed GridFSProxy __getattr__ behaviour (#196)
  • Fix Django timezone support (#151)
  • Simplified Q objects, removed QueryTreeTransformerVisitor (#98) (#171)
  • FileFields now copyable (#198)
  • Querysets now return clones and are no longer edit in place (#56)
  • Added support for $maxDistance (#179)
  • Uses getlasterror to test created on updated saves (#163)
  • Fixed inheritance and unique index creation (#140)
  • Fixed reverse delete rule with inheritance (#197)
  • Fixed validation for GenericReferences which haven't been dereferenced
  • Added switch_db context manager (#106)
  • Added switch_db method to document instances (#106)
  • Added no_dereference context manager (#82) (#61)
  • Added switch_collection context manager (#220)
  • Added switch_collection method to document instances (#220)
  • Added support for compound primary keys (#149) (#121)
  • Fixed overriding objects with custom manager (#58)
  • Added no_dereference method for querysets (#82) (#61)
  • Undefined data should not override instance methods (#49)
  • Added Django Group and Permission (#142)
  • Added Doc class and pk to Validation messages (#69)
  • Fixed Documents deleted via a queryset don't call any signals (#105)
  • Added the "get_decoded" method to the MongoSession class (#216)
  • Fixed invalid choices error bubbling (#214)
  • Updated Save so it calls $set and $unset in a single operation (#211)
  • Fixed inner queryset looping (#204)

Changes in 0.7.10

  • Fix UnicodeEncodeError for dbref (#278)
  • Allow construction using positional parameters (#268)
  • Updated EmailField length to support long domains (#243)
  • Added 64-bit integer support (#251)
  • Added Django sessions TTL support (#224)
  • Fixed issue with numerical keys in MapField(EmbeddedDocumentField()) (#240)
  • Fixed clearing _changed_fields for complex nested embedded documents (#237, #239, #242)
  • Added "id" back to _data dictionary (#255)
  • Only mark a field as changed if the value has changed (#258)
  • Explicitly check for Document instances when dereferencing (#261)
  • Fixed order_by chaining issue (#265)
  • Added dereference support for tuples (#250)
  • Resolve field name to db field name when using distinct(#260, #264, #269)
  • Added kwargs to to help interop with django (#223, #270)
  • Fixed cloning querysets in PY3
  • Int fields no longer unset in save when changed to 0 (#272)
  • Fixed ReferenceField query chaining bug fixed (#254)

Changes in 0.7.9

  • Better fix handling for old style _types
  • Embedded SequenceFields follow collection naming convention

Changes in 0.7.8

  • Fix sequence fields in embedded documents (#166)
  • Fix query chaining with .order_by() (#176)
  • Added optional encoding and collection config for Django sessions (#180, #181, #183)
  • Fixed EmailField so can add extra validation (#173, #174, #187)
  • Fixed bulk inserts can now handle custom pk's (#192)
  • Added as_pymongo method to return raw or cast results from pymongo (#193)

Changes in 0.7.7

  • Fix handling for old style _types

Changes in 0.7.6

  • Unicode fix for repr (#133)
  • Allow updates with match operators (#144)
  • Updated URLField - now can have a override the regex (#136)
  • Allow Django AuthenticationBackends to work with Django user (hmarr/mongoengine#573)
  • Fixed reload issue with ReferenceField where dbref=False (#138)

Changes in 0.7.5

  • ReferenceFields with dbref=False use ObjectId instead of strings (#134) See ticket for upgrade notes (#134)

Changes in 0.7.4

  • Fixed index inheritance issues - firmed up testcases (#123) (#125)

Changes in 0.7.3

  • Reverted EmbeddedDocuments meta handling - now can turn off inheritance (#119)

Changes in 0.7.2

  • Update index spec generation so its not destructive (#113)

Changes in 0.7.1

  • Fixed index spec inheritance (#111)

Changes in 0.7.0

  • Updated queryset.delete so you can use with skip / limit (#107)
  • Updated index creation allows kwargs to be passed through refs (#104)
  • Fixed Q object merge edge case (#109)
  • Fixed reloading on sharded documents (hmarr/mongoengine#569)
  • Added NotUniqueError for duplicate keys (#62)
  • Added custom collection / sequence naming for SequenceFields (#92)
  • Fixed UnboundLocalError in composite index with pk field (#88)
  • Updated ReferenceField's to optionally store ObjectId strings this will become the default in 0.8 (#89)
  • Added FutureWarning - save will default to cascade=False in 0.8
  • Added example of indexing embedded document fields (#75)
  • Fixed ImageField resizing when forcing size (#80)
  • Add flexibility for fields handling bad data (#78)
  • Embedded Documents no longer handle meta definitions
  • Use weakref proxies in base lists / dicts (#74)
  • Improved queryset filtering (hmarr/mongoengine#554)
  • Fixed Dynamic Documents and Embedded Documents (hmarr/mongoengine#561)
  • Fixed abstract classes and shard keys (#64)
  • Fixed Python 2.5 support
  • Added Python 3 support (thanks to Laine Heron)

Changes in 0.6.20

  • Added support for distinct and db_alias (#59)
  • Improved support for chained querysets when constraining the same fields (hmarr/mongoengine#554)
  • Fixed BinaryField lookup re (#48)

Changes in 0.6.19

  • Added Binary support to UUID (#47)
  • Fixed MapField lookup for fields without declared lookups (#46)
  • Fixed BinaryField python value issue (#48)
  • Fixed SequenceField non numeric value lookup (#41)
  • Fixed queryset manager issue (#52)
  • Fixed FileField comparision (hmarr/mongoengine#547)

Changes in 0.6.18

  • Fixed recursion loading bug in _get_changed_fields

Changes in 0.6.17

  • Fixed issue with custom queryset manager expecting explict variable names

Changes in 0.6.16

  • Fixed issue where db_alias wasn't inherited

Changes in 0.6.15

  • Updated validation error messages
  • Added support for null / zero / false values in item_frequencies
  • Fixed cascade save edge case
  • Fixed geo index creation through reference fields
  • Added support for args / kwargs when using @queryset_manager
  • Deref list custom id fix

Changes in 0.6.14

  • Fixed error dict with nested validation
  • Fixed Int/Float fields and not equals None
  • Exclude tests from installation
  • Allow tuples for index meta
  • Fixed use of str in instance checks
  • Fixed unicode support in transform update
  • Added support for add_to_set and each

Changes in 0.6.13

  • Fixed EmbeddedDocument db_field validation issue
  • Fixed StringField unicode issue
  • Fixes __repr__ modifying the cursor

Changes in 0.6.12

  • Fixes scalar lookups for primary_key
  • Fixes error with _delta handling DBRefs

Changes in 0.6.11

  • Fixed inconsistency handling None values field attrs
  • Fixed map_field embedded db_field issue
  • Fixed .save() _delta issue with DbRefs
  • Fixed Django TestCase
  • Added cmp to Embedded Document
  • Added PULL reverse_delete_rule
  • Fixed CASCADE delete bug
  • Fixed db_field data load error
  • Fixed recursive save with FileField

Changes in 0.6.10

  • Fixed basedict / baselist to return super(..)
  • Promoted BaseDynamicField to DynamicField

Changes in 0.6.9

  • Fixed sparse indexes on inherited docs
  • Removed FileField auto deletion, needs more work maybe 0.7

Changes in 0.6.8

  • Fixed FileField losing reference when no default set
  • Removed possible race condition from FileField (grid_file)
  • Added assignment to save, can now do: b = MyDoc(**kwargs).save()
  • Added support for pull operations on nested EmbeddedDocuments
  • Added support for choices with GenericReferenceFields
  • Added support for choices with GenericEmbeddedDocumentFields
  • Fixed Django 1.4 sessions first save data loss
  • FileField now automatically delete files on .delete()
  • Fix for GenericReference to_mongo method
  • Fixed connection regression
  • Updated Django User document, now allows inheritance

Changes in 0.6.7

  • Fixed indexing on '_id' or 'pk' or 'id'
  • Invalid data from the DB now raises a InvalidDocumentError
  • Cleaned up the Validation Error - docs and code
  • Added meta auto_create_index so you can disable index creation
  • Added write concern options to inserts
  • Fixed typo in meta for index options
  • Bug fix Read preference now passed correctly
  • Added support for File like objects for GridFS
  • Fix for #473 - Dereferencing abstracts

Changes in 0.6.6

  • Django 1.4 fixed (finally)
  • Added tests for Django

Changes in 0.6.5

  • More Django updates

Changes in 0.6.4

  • Refactored connection / fixed replicasetconnection
  • Bug fix for unknown connection alias error message
  • Sessions support Django 1.3 and Django 1.4
  • Minor fix for ReferenceField

Changes in 0.6.3

  • Updated sessions for Django 1.4
  • Bug fix for updates where listfields contain embedded documents
  • Bug fix for collection naming and mixins

Changes in 0.6.2

  • Updated documentation for ReplicaSet connections
  • Hack round _types issue with SERVER-5247 - querying other arrays may also cause problems.

Changes in 0.6.1

  • Fix for replicaSet connections

Changes in 0.6

  • Added FutureWarning to inherited classes not declaring 'allow_inheritance' as the default will change in 0.7
  • Added support for covered indexes when inheritance is off
  • No longer always upsert on save for items with a '_id'
  • Error raised if update doesn't have an operation
  • DeReferencing is now thread safe
  • Errors raised if trying to perform a join in a query
  • Updates can now take __raw__ queries
  • Added custom 2D index declarations
  • Added replicaSet connection support
  • Updated deprecated imports from pymongo (safe for pymongo 2.2)
  • Added uri support for connections
  • Added scalar for efficiently returning partial data values (aliased to values_list)
  • Fixed limit skip bug
  • Improved Inheritance / Mixin
  • Added sharding support
  • Added pymongo 2.1 support
  • Fixed Abstract documents can now declare indexes
  • Added db_alias support to individual documents
  • Fixed GridFS documents can now be pickled
  • Added Now raises an InvalidDocumentError when declaring multiple fields with the same db_field
  • Added InvalidQueryError when calling with_id with a filter
  • Added support for DBRefs in distinct()
  • Fixed issue saving False booleans
  • Fixed issue with dynamic documents deltas
  • Added Reverse Delete Rule support to ListFields - MapFields aren't supported
  • Added customisable cascade kwarg options
  • Fixed Handle None values for non-required fields
  • Removed Document._get_subclasses() - no longer required
  • Fixed bug requiring subclasses when not actually needed
  • Fixed deletion of dynamic data
  • Added support for the $elementMatch operator
  • Added reverse option to SortedListFields
  • Fixed dereferencing - multi directional list dereferencing
  • Fixed issue creating indexes with recursive embedded documents
  • Fixed recursive lookup in _unique_with_indexes
  • Fixed passing ComplexField defaults to constructor for ReferenceFields
  • Fixed validation of DictField Int keys
  • Added optional cascade saving
  • Fixed dereferencing - max_depth now taken into account
  • Fixed document mutation saving issue
  • Fixed positional operator when replacing embedded documents
  • Added Non-Django Style choices back (you can have either)
  • Fixed __repr__ of a sliced queryset
  • Added recursive validation error of documents / complex fields
  • Fixed breaking during queryset iteration
  • Added pre and post bulk-insert signals
  • Added ImageField - requires PIL
  • Fixed Reference Fields can be None in get_or_create / queries
  • Fixed accessing pk on an embedded document
  • Fixed calling a queryset after drop_collection now recreates the collection
  • Add field name to validation exception messages
  • Added UUID field
  • Improved efficiency of .get()
  • Updated ComplexFields so if required they won't accept empty lists / dicts
  • Added spec file for rpm-based distributions
  • Fixed ListField so it doesnt accept strings
  • Added DynamicDocument and EmbeddedDynamicDocument classes for expando schemas

Changes in v0.5.2

  • A Robust Circular reference bugfix

Changes in v0.5.1

  • Fixed simple circular reference bug

Changes in v0.5

  • Added InvalidDocumentError - so Document core methods can't be overwritten
  • Added GenericEmbeddedDocument - so you can embed any type of embeddable document
  • Added within_polygon support - for those with mongodb 1.9
  • Updated sum / average to use map_reduce as db.eval doesn't work in sharded environments
  • Added where() - filter to allowing users to specify query expressions as Javascript
  • Added SequenceField - for creating sequential counters
  • Added update() convenience method to a document
  • Added cascading saves - so changes to Referenced documents are saved on .save()
  • Added select_related() support
  • Added support for the positional operator
  • Updated geo index checking to be recursive and check in embedded documents
  • Updated default collection naming convention
  • Added Document Mixin support
  • Fixed queryet __repr__ mid iteration
  • Added hint() support, so can tell Mongo the proper index to use for the query
  • Fixed issue with inconsistent setting of _cls breaking inherited referencing
  • Added help_text and verbose_name to fields to help with some form libs
  • Updated item_frequencies to handle embedded document lookups
  • Added delta tracking now only sets / unsets explicitly changed fields
  • Fixed saving so sets updated values rather than overwrites
  • Added ComplexDateTimeField - Handles datetimes correctly with microseconds
  • Added ComplexBaseField - for improved flexibility and performance
  • Added get_FIELD_display() method for easy choice field displaying
  • Added queryset.slave_okay(enabled) method
  • Updated queryset.timeout(enabled) and queryset.snapshot(enabled) to be chainable
  • Added insert method for bulk inserts
  • Added blinker signal support
  • Added query_counter context manager for tests
  • Added map_reduce method item_frequencies and set as default (as db.eval doesn't work in sharded environments)
  • Added inline_map_reduce option to map_reduce
  • Updated connection exception so it provides more info on the cause.
  • Added searching multiple levels deep in DictField
  • Added DictField entries containing strings to use matching operators
  • Added MapField, similar to DictField
  • Added Abstract Base Classes
  • Added Custom Objects Managers
  • Added sliced subfields updating
  • Added NotRegistered exception if dereferencing Document not in the registry
  • Added a write concern for save, update, update_one and get_or_create
  • Added slicing / subarray fetching controls
  • Fixed various unique index and other index issues
  • Fixed threaded connection issues
  • Added spherical geospatial query operators
  • Updated queryset to handle latest version of pymongo map_reduce now requires an output.
  • Added Document __hash__, __ne__ for pickling
  • Added FileField optional size arg for read method
  • Fixed FileField seek and tell methods for reading files
  • Added QuerySet.clone to support copying querysets
  • Fixed item_frequencies when using name thats the same as a native js function
  • Added reverse delete rules
  • Fixed issue with unset operation
  • Fixed Q-object bug
  • Added QuerySet.all_fields resets previous .only() and .exclude()
  • Added QuerySet.exclude
  • Added django style choices
  • Fixed order and filter issue
  • Added QuerySet.only subfield support
  • Added creation_counter to BaseField allowing fields to be sorted in the way the user has specified them
  • Fixed various errors
  • Added many tests

Changes in v0.4

  • Added GridFSStorage Django storage backend
  • Added FileField for GridFS support
  • New Q-object implementation, which is no longer based on Javascript
  • Added SortedListField
  • Added EmailField
  • Added GeoPointField
  • Added exact and iexact match operators to QuerySet
  • Added get_document_or_404 and get_list_or_404 Django shortcuts
  • Added new query operators for Geo queries
  • Added not query operator
  • Added new update operators: pop and add_to_set
  • Added __raw__ query parameter
  • Added support for custom querysets
  • Fixed document inheritance primary key issue
  • Added support for querying by array element position
  • Base class can now be defined for DictField
  • Fixed MRO error that occured on document inheritance
  • Added QuerySet.distinct, QuerySet.create, QuerySet.snapshot, QuerySet.timeout and QuerySet.all
  • Subsequent calls to connect() now work
  • Introduced min_length for StringField
  • Fixed multi-process connection issue
  • Other minor fixes

Changes in v0.3

  • Added MapReduce support
  • Added contains, startswith and endswith query operators (and case-insensitive versions that are prefixed with 'i')
  • Deprecated fields' name parameter, replaced with db_field
  • Added QuerySet.only for only retrieving specific fields
  • Added QuerySet.in_bulk() for bulk querying using ids
  • QuerySets now have a rewind() method, which is called automatically when the iterator is exhausted, allowing QuerySets to be reused
  • Added DictField
  • Added URLField
  • Added DecimalField
  • Added BinaryField
  • Added GenericReferenceField
  • Added get() and get_or_create() methods to QuerySet
  • ReferenceFields may now reference the document they are defined on (recursive references) and documents that have not yet been defined
  • Document objects may now be compared for equality (equal if _ids are equal and documents are of same type)
  • QuerySet update methods now have an upsert parameter
  • Added field name substitution for Javascript code (allows the user to use the Python names for fields in JS, which are later substituted for the real field names)
  • Q objects now support regex querying
  • Fixed bug where referenced documents within lists weren't properly dereferenced
  • ReferenceFields may now be queried using their _id
  • Fixed bug where EmbeddedDocuments couldn't be non-polymorphic
  • queryset_manager functions now accept two arguments -- the document class as the first and the queryset as the second
  • Fixed bug where QuerySet.exec_js ignored Q objects
  • Other minor fixes

Changes in v0.2.2

  • Fixed bug that prevented indexes from being used on ListFields
  • Document.filter() added as an alias to Document.__call__()
  • validate() may now be used on EmbeddedDocuments

Changes in v0.2.1

  • Added a MongoEngine backend for Django sessions
  • Added force_insert to
  • Improved querying syntax for ListField and EmbeddedDocumentField
  • Added support for user-defined primary keys (_id in MongoDB)

Changes in v0.2

  • Added Q class for building advanced queries
  • Added QuerySet methods for atomic updates to documents
  • Fields may now specify unique=True to enforce uniqueness across a collection
  • Added option for default document ordering
  • Fixed bug in index definitions

Changes in v0.1.3

  • Added Django authentication backend
  • Added Document.meta support for indexes, which are ensured just before querying takes place
  • A few minor bugfixes

Changes in v0.1.2

  • Query values may be processed before before being used in queries
  • Made connections lazy
  • Fixed bug in Document dictionary-style access
  • Added BooleanField
  • Added Document.reload() method

Changes in v0.1.1

  • Documents may now use capped collections
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