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How to recognize the key being pressed? #127

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I want to run custom piece of code on click of each button. I can use the "change" callback provided. However I'm confused as to how to parse the input object that it returns. I need the value of the button clicked.

Please help me with this.


In version 1.16, I added a lastKey value to the API.

You can access it at any time as follows:

api  = $('#keyboard').data('keyboard');
key = api.lastKey;

or access it within a callback

$('#keyboard').bind('change.keyboard', function(e, api){
    if (api) {
        key = api.lastKey;
        // do something with the key

if the virtual keyboard was used to enter the key, then api.$lastKey will contain the jQuery object of the button that was clicked.


I'm guessing this issue/question has been resolved, so I'm closing it. Please feel free to leave additional comments if you continue to have problems.

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