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Autocomplete demo not working anymore #128

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the autocomplete example on the demo page is not working anymore (tested with IE 8 and Chrome 23). In one of the other issues you mentioned that the autocomplete feature is broken with jQuery-UI 1.9.x, but your demo page already uses jQuery Ui 1.9.0!

  • Enter does not allow to select an entry from the suggestion list
  • mouse click on a list entry hides the keyboard as if you are clicking somewhere on the background
  • sometimes the completion list is not shown at all (non-deterministic)
  • ...

I have managed to get the keyboard/autocomplete working with jQuery UI 1.8.24.
It would be better to add a note to the Wiki that keyboard autocomplete works with 1.8.24 of jQuery UI only (at least until you manage to get the issue fixed with version 1.9.x).


This is a duplicate of #115, but I've just updated the plugin so the autocomplete extension is working again. Thanks

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