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sorton event seems to completely ignore sort direction #127

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I've been messing around with this for a while but I cannot, for the life of me, get tablesorter sorton events to pay any attention to the requested sort direction.

This run with various values in col/col2 and 0/1 in dir/dir2

$("#myTable").trigger("sorton",[[[col,dir],[col2,dir2]],function() {alert("sort done")} ]);

All sort and call the alert but ALWAYS sorting the columns in reverse order - I've tried this with alpha and numeric columns - it just doesn't work.

Am I missing something really obvious here??

Clicking column headings works, of course - as does asking for a forward/reverse sort in the setup.


and just as I hit enter I have an idea and...

The problem is that my code is passing variables into the array - and the 'direction' variable is a string and not a number - so "0" and not 0

I guess it's testing the contents for true/false and "0" is true (1) and thus sorts backwards.

A parseInt() fixed it - it MIGHT be worth throwing one of those into the code, but that's clearly an enhancement request...

slaps head


Good catch! I'll include a fix in the next update.


Cool - was driving me mad until I pressed enter here!! :)

Just to let you know, you're powering my Greenlight LITE app (something I wrote which monitors a new part of the SteamPowered Game Distribution service) - 4-6000 hits a day, all sorted with style :)

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