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The Movement - Social Change Engine #11

gumshed opened this issue Jan 29, 2018 · 11 comments

The Movement - Social Change Engine #11

gumshed opened this issue Jan 29, 2018 · 11 comments


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@gumshed gumshed commented Jan 29, 2018



A fully decentralized organization, self-funded and built from the ground up by community members dedicated to global and social change. All are welcome.



Version 1 - April 2018






1. Introduction

2. Community Vision

3. Core Values

4. Trust

5. Definitions

5. Wallet and Human Experience

7. Decentraland Integration Has Been Cancelled

8. Building Bridges

9. Scenarios

10. Social Change Engine Breakdown

11. Sphere Initiative and Format

12. Funds

13. Badges

14. Voting Practices and Rules

15. Future



1. Introduction


The Movement SCE


Real Human Connection Is Based On Trust.


Social Change doesn’t necessarily mean “social change”. Society as a whole is changing, as well as the ways members of societies interact and add value to the collective. The way humans work, whether it be physical or mental, is also changing. Corporate greed fueling technological advancements such as AI and automation will exacerbate the already rising problem of income inequality due to a restructuring of the way work is done. Realizing this, the current models that reflect global socio-economic conditions need to change.

Understanding that real human connection is based on trust, the Social Change Engine (SCE) aims to harness that trust and build a new economy focused on sustainability. Giving humans around the world the ability to create and collaborate on initiatives while presenting the capacity to generate an income. That is the foundation of the SCE.

Sustainability, in essence, is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. The idea that once the “engine” has been started, the trust of the platform (both internal and external) will be the fuel creating a sustainable and unstoppable platform for change. The SCE’s goal is to provide a tool for the community. This tool will have the ability to connect all facets of The Movement while giving the community the control to create an ecosystem based on trust.



2. Community Vision


Open to all, The Movement Community will encourage social change and the equality of all humankind through decentralized collaboration and creation. The Community will vote on and contribute to initiatives brought forth by Spheres within The Movement.

Due to the decentralized nature of The Movement, the creation of spheres and initiatives will be rich and full of diversity. Greenpoint will act as a meeting place for like-minded individuals, futurism enthusiasts, virtual reality designers, technology enthusiasts, humanitarians, activists, etc. The list goes on, but The Movement is open to all. Discussion and collaboration will be encouraged. Tools will be made available to members of The Movement to allow ease of access and development.

Creating a global network focused on real human connection, The Movement’s community will build bridges between our headquarters Greenpoint, and every sector of both the analog and digital worlds.



3. Core Values



Three Core Values Focused on Sustainability


Environmental Stewardship: Natural Resource Protection, Pollution Prevention, Biodiversity, Waste Management, Renewable Energy

Social Progress: Diversity, Human Rights, Equal Opportunity, Standard of Living, Health, Identity, Meaning

Economic Stability: Economic Growth, Efficiency, New Markets, Local Engagement, Distribution and Creation of wealth, Research and Development, Science and Technology

A simple governance such as adopting the core values will allow for a broad scope of initiatives to be passed, but it does not allow “negative” initiates to pass due to the internal trust that the community will vote while following the 3 core values.



4. Trust


Trust can be broken down into two categories. Internal and external. While simple in their appearance, internal and external trust and the dynamics of how they affect the SCE are wide-reaching in their definitions.

Internal trust refers to the trust of the public and the market's evaluation of the MVT Token. The public’s view of The Movement as a force for good in the world will open new opportunities for individuals and organizations to use the SCE. The public will trust that The Movement’s community members will only pass and develop initiatives that do not violate the core
values. The value of the coin is tied to the public’s trust in the community. The voting members of the community commit to passing initiatives that create a level of trust and purpose. The value of MVT will be the driving force and motivation for the community to follow the core values.

As The Movement SCE grows, creation and collaboration will foster this environment of trust. The public’s trust in The Movement SCE will grow as the actions of the community reflect the core values. The Movement will represent a global force focused on the core values.

The public’s trust in The Movement SCE will grow the larger it becomes. Actions of The Movement will represent a global force reflecting the core values.



A revolving circle of trust (Internal Trust, External Trust, Market Value) coupled with the Token flows creates a self-funded, sustainable, and economically stable environment. This environment supports growth, economic prosperity, and human connection.



Internal Trust: Trust that other members of the community will vote in accordance with the core values. This internal trust is tied to the Market’s Trust in the value of MVT.

External Trust: Trust that the public has that the community will pass and develop initiatives that follow the core values.

Market Trust: Trust that internal and external trust placed in the community and their actions will follow the core values, resulting in adoption and growth.



5. Definitions


The idea that The Movement should be seen as a force of good in the world, The Movement will harness Strategic Social Accountability to foster and grow its ideals.

Strategic Social Accountability deploys multiple tactics, encourages enabling environments for collective actions for accountability, and produces a coordinated citizen voice with reforms that bolster public responsiveness.

Social Accountability - The measure of an organization’s state of being mindful of the emerging social concerns and priorities of internal and external stakeholders (community, employees, governmental or nongovernmental organizations, management, and owners).

It is reflected in the organization’s verifiable commitment to certain factors such as Economic Stability, Social Progress, and Environmental Stewardship.



6. Wallet and Human Experience


Community members will have the ability to create user profiles. These profiles allow the system the ability to recognize a permissions-based badge voter system. These badges will allow for members of the community to pledge their skills and talents to an initiative they feel passionate about. Upon profile creation, all members will receive their first support badge.

The interface will act as a portal to SCE. A simple and elegant design tailored to ease of access for The Movement community.

  • Users will have the ability to manage their MVT funds while reviewing and interacting with upcoming, current, and archived initiatives.

  • Holding MVT Tokens in the wallet will give the user the ability to vote on initiatives.

  • Social aspects build into the platform will allow for a connected and engaged community.

  • User profiles display general information along with earned badges and community connections.

  • Security will be paramount.


FULL EXAMPLE - Just picture of whole board











7. Decentraland Integration Has Been Cancelled





Unfortunately, The Movement and Decentraland have severed ties and Greenpoint will not be realized.

Greenpoint will act as a hub in the Virtual World for members of The Movement. It will serve as the headquarters for The Movement’s global community. A place where people from all walks of life come together to connect.




While not necessary to create a sphere, Land in Greenpoint can be used by spheres to develop their community and presence in Decentraland.

Greenpoint consists of 414 LAND, of which 99 Land Parcels were provided to the community by The Movement’s original creator, and 315 Parcels were contributed by the global community in the Decentraland Genesis auction event.

This LAND is meant for people to build upon, to make friends and collaborate — to connect and create. Build valuable networks based on trust and friendship. Experimentation.




Spheres exist within The Movement while focusing on a specific topic that brings the community members together. The focus of the sphere itself is irrelevant to the whole community but does not negate the core values.

- Spheres can be individuals

- Spheres can be groups

- Spheres can be communities

- Spheres can be businesses

- Spheres can be ANYTHING

Communication within spheres and between spheres will be done on through the SCE communication interface. This will allow for a transparent record of The Movements state of being.




The Movement Token (MVT) gives governing rights to the members of the community. It is a utility token meaning that it can be used for anything. All future services of The Movement will revolve around the MVT Token. Whether it be access to certain areas within Greenpoint, membership in certain spheres, possible land rental, or to attend special events. The only limit to the MVT Token is the community’s imagination.




The only requirement to become a member of The Movement is holding MVT. Beyond that, members can contribute as little or as much as they want. Collaboration within The Movement and Its headquarters, Greenpoint, is open to all and encouraged.




Greenpoint is The Movement's virtual headquarter for decentralized collaboration. It encourages people from all around the world to connect and create across borders and cultures. Organized as a decentralized and autonomous organization (DAO), The Movement allows anyone to take part in its development and governance. All are Welcome.



8. Building Bridges


The Movement aims to build bridges, connect humanity, and to explore what is possible used decentralized Blockchain technology. Bringing all areas that humans operate within together to form a sustainable and interconnected ecosystem.

• The idea for the section is to visually represent different aspects of connection and contribution. Building bridges between the digital world and the real. Creating a style and look that “jives” with the Stylesheet.

Overview of the world. Points on a map connected. Stylized. The Movement is a global community. Decentralized but united under the core values. Ushering a new age of humanity.

Frame city crowd. An indicator identifying random individuals within THE MOVEMENT. People from all walks of life joined. Community members bring different skills and value to the SCE. Creating a global community focused on a common goal.

Single phone in someone’s hand using the app. Voting yes on some initiatives. Representing how easy it will be to connect and collaborate within the SCE.

Contribute. Show guy sitting at his desk working on a computer. Representing how he’s working on an initiative. This could be anything. Website development, graphic design, or clerical work. Any type of work done on a computer can be used within an initiative. This includes VR development.

Contribute. Show a crew of people ready to build a real-world project. Real world construction crews, painters, foremen, and engineers. Exchanging your time and efforts in return of MVT. Making a difference.

Frame 6.
Show people working in a community garden. Community enrichment projects, green spaces, gardens, and playgrounds. Working together to achieve a common goal.

Show people working as staff at an event. Event staff, caterers, and project resources. Skills people have can translate to all types of areas. Willingness to use your skills for the benefit of all.

Show a scientist in a laboratory working. Science and technology development for the betterment of humanity. Group projects with global solutions.

Show a team of lawyers in court. Lawyers, professionals, and business representatives. Contributing to an initiative by contributing professional work in exchange for MVT. Disrupting the current “system”.

Show beach clean-up. Call to Arms, Community Meet Up Events, Community cleanups, and community enrichment projects.

ANYTHING BIG OR SMALL. Building bridges from the digital human experience to the land of the real. Effecting change in the real world. Creation and Collaborations without borders with real human connections.



9. Scenarios

The Sphere Initiative is purposely flexible to allows for a wide range of proposals. While a simple voting proposal can be used to poll the community or to change the governance, initiatives can be structure to do so much more.


Small Scale Scenario.

A 5-person sphere creates a proposal to build a new website for their sphere. The offering was 30 MVT. There are a few messages exchanged back and forth about the request from the community. The Proposal is sent to the community for a vote. The Voting clock will begin. Once the clock runs out the proposal is analyzed to see if the request had been accepted. Proposal moves to the development stage. The voter who pledged his badge now completes the website and submits it for approval. Once Approved, Payment is delivered, and the sphere takes control of the website.


Mid-Scale Scenario

Imagine Tim. Tim’s a general contractor in a metropolitan area. During his free time, he’s a member of The Movement. Voting on initiatives he felt helped humanity in some way. One day he’s looking and sees an initiative proposed by a Sphere in his city. Their proposal is to build some big project downtown. One of the requirements needed was a general contractor to handle a building remodel with adequate compensation in MVT. He pledges his vote and the initiative passes. Now he is able to actually meet with the sphere for the job specifics. The development of the project, including Tim’s real-world part, are all documented in the platform’s development records for the community to see. Full transparency. Now Tim, a spare time member of The Movement, was able to help his community while at the same time being able to provide an income for himself.


Large Scale Scenario

At this point, we are talking about a complete paradigm shift in the way people "work" and create value. This is the Social Change Engine's end goal. Creating an entirely new virtual ecosystem that provides financial and creative freedom to all who participate while enriching the fabric of our global society.



10. Social Change Engine Breakdown

Click to View Updated Flow
flow machine4

1. -Sphere Creates Initiative-
The community within the sphere has created a proposal for the community. This proposal, while presented in a specific format, is not subject to any other requirements as to content. Once submitted, the funds tied to the offering will be locked until either completion or rejection. Upon Rejection, Funds will be returned to the creating sphere.

2. -Community Proposal Review-
The proposal is review and discussed in depth by the community. Any changes or modifications to the initiate will be done now. Once the community review period is over, a member of the proposing sphere must manually "push" proposal to Community Vote.

3. -Proposal Open to Community Vote-
The proposal is sent to the voting platform. A predetermined voting timeframe attached to the Sphere Initiative will begin. Community members have X amount of time to vote and pledge.

4a. -Community Votes YES-
The proposal has a Voting Majority favorable vote. It also has filled its exact specified resources needed to complete Initiative, indicated by badge requirements on the Sphere Initiative proposal.

4b. -Community Votes NO-
The proposal has a Voting Majority negative vote. The proposal has been rejected by the community. Even if the badge requirements have been filled by voters, the initiative will not pass.

4c. -Community Abstains-
The community was not interested in the proposal negatively by not voting. Effectively rejecting the proposal.

5a. -Proposal Restructure-
Depending on the issues the creating sphere finds within the proposal, the Sphere Initiative will be changed accordingly. Decisions about the initiative's future will be discussed.

5b. -Voting Extension-
The Initiative is granted a 36 hour "rally period".

5c. -Proposal Abandonment-
The Sphere Initiative is abandoned by the creators. Future development is halted. Project ready for archiving.

6. -Extension Ends-
The 36-hour rally period ends.

7. -Proposal Enters the Machine-
The Machine is where of the distribution of tasks specified by the required
resources need to complete the Sphere Initiative happens. The Machines also creates and manages the tasks through smart contracts with the badge voting community member. If the proposal is a vote, no resources are required, and the proposal moves to the accepted stage to be archived.

8a. -Bounties Assigned-
Bounties created by the Machine are assigned to the badge voting community member who voted in favor. The community member now has a second opportunity to accept or reject their badge voting contribution. This allows for voter's remorse due to unrealized previous obligations. Accepting now signs the bounty smart contract, payable upon project completion.

8b. -Development Portal Created-
A communication and development type development platform will be created from a general template linked to the developmental needs stated in the Sphere Initiative's resource requirements. An invitation is granted to the bounty members. The decision to open the development to the community is up to the Sphere and Development Team.

9. -Development Team Assembled-
This is a confirmation area for the Development Team as the Machine reassigns bounties if the original badge voting member rejects their contribution. If all requirements are met now, development skips to Dev Team Final Check.

10a. -Unconfirmed Bounties-
Unconfirmed bounties are reviewed by the Initiative and The Development team. A decision must be made as to the bounties need for the success of the project.

10b. -Dev Team Final Check-
This is the final check that all resource requirements have been filled and project development is ready to start.

11a. -Developmental Process-
The team enters the developer portal and starts the project. All work and communication are saved.

11b. -Absorb-
The creating sphere and the dev team make the decision to absorb the remaining bounties, spreading the remaining with within the dev team, splitting the bounty. Filling the requirements of the initiative.

12. -Quality Check-
This is a check of the progress and direction of the project. The creators of the sphere initiative have the ability to direct the team as to the development direction of the project.

13a. -Development Readjustment-
Any changes will be made and agree upon here. All members of the development team must agree for the development to continue in this form.

13b. -Final Review-
This is the final review of the completed projected by the Initiatives creators. Any final changes to the project's direction will be made now.

14. -Accepted-
The completed project is accepted by the proposal's creators.

15a. -Bounties Paid to Community Contributors-
All bounties are paid to contributing members of the community.

15b. -Sphere Initiative Complete-
The initiative is delivered to the proposal's and marked completed within the machine.

15c. -Archived-
All developmental work, communication, and credit are then achieved for future community reference.



11. Sphere Initiative and Format


Spheres exist within The Movement while focusing on a specific topic that brings the community members together. The focus itself is irrelevant to the whole. The Sphere has the ability to present their ideas to The Movement via the Sphere Initiative. Community members then are able to review and vote on such initiatives. The possibilities are endless as to the nature of the initiative. Limited only by the creating sphere’s imagination.

While simple in its appearance, the Sphere Initiative is highly expandable and potentially complex. For example, Offerings. Offerings can be straightforward and paid at the end of development. They also could be more of a long-term payment strategy. If the Sphere Initiative requires a long-term commitment of the contributor, these offerings could be designed to be paid out on a recurring schedule.

Also, if the proposal does not require resources and it is strictly a community vote, the Required Resources field can be left blank which will not allow for an Offering to be submitted.



Sphere Initiative Name: Title of the initiative that represents the initiative as a whole.

Mission Statement: A high-level overview of the initiative.

Intention: Executable plan to achieve the desired outcome.

Required Resources: Exact specified resources needed to complete Initiative.

Offering: Bounty Program - Ranging from 0.5 MVT to Infinity (Funds must be available at the time of submittal)

Voting Length: Initiative specific voting timeframe. Ranging from 24 hrs. to 7 days.



12. Funds


MVT is a utility token and the native currency within Greenpoint and The Movement. All MVT used within the SCE will be managed using an Ethereum Smart Contract. This will allow for a secure and trustworthy fund management solution. Spheres who lock their initiative’s offering funds into the platform will have confidence the funds will be safe. Badge voting contributors will also have confidence that their efforts will be rewarded.

Key Points

-Submitting a Sphere Initiative locks the funds proposed in the Offering.

-Funds will remain locked for the duration of the community review and community vote.

-After the community review period, the creating sphere has a period of 12 hrs. to commit their proposal to a community vote.

-Failure to manually push the proposal to vote will deposit funds into a community fund.

-Upon the outcome of the vote, the locked funds will then be deposited into either a generated development wallet within the machine or, returned to the creating sphere.

-All bounties within the SCE will be paid in MVT.



13. Badges


Badges are an identifier tied to the user’s profile that allows for voting contributions. These badges are not necessary to vote, but they allow a user with a specific or multiple skill sets to contribute to the development of an initiative.

When voting on an initiative, the initiatives required resources (badge requirements) will be displayed. The user will then be able to lock in a single badge vote to pledge their skills to the required resources of the sphere’s initiative.

Acquiring Badges

⁃ Badges can be assigned by the community. For example, members who’ve contributed or donated to the early stages of planning and development may receive a “Founding Member” badge or something similar to the display on their profile.

⁃ Community members will submit testing questions for a specific expertise. These questions will be answered by individuals who are seeking that specific badge. If the test is passed, that individual will now have the ability to display the badge and pledge those badge skills while voting on an initiative.

The purpose of the badge test is to verify that the user actually has the skills to contribute and to prevent individuals from pledging to a sphere’s development without the necessary skills to complete the tasks set forth.

Possible Contribution Badges


-Graphic Design-




-Business Professional-


-Web Developers-

-Specific Code Languages-



-Twitter Army-

-Content Contributor-

This list will be expandable depending on the needs of The Movement and the Initiatives.



14. Voting Practices and Rules


-Voting, while not mandatory, is encouraged by the community.

-Voting Majority Wins

-Abstaining is Always an Option

-Voting NO means that you disagree with the proposal in any way due to the content or direction.

-Voting YES means that you have read the proposal and agree with the content and or the direction.

-Depending on what skills/contributions the community member has decided to test into, their Badge Voting options will reflect those choices.

-During a YES vote, a single Badge can be associated with a requirement of the initiative.

-Badge Votes are a commitment to participate in the development of the initiative within your chosen field.

-Once the developmental requirements are met through badge voter pledges, the voting timeframe will run out and the result is still up to the community’s response.



15. Future


The Social Change Engine is a tool. The community will decide what is in store for the future. Some possibilities are as follows:

-Managing and recording activity on the platform within the Blockchain.

-Expansion and integration of the platform into other aspects of The Movement.

-A redesign of the current social and economic constraints placed on all of us by…Them.



Be the change that you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

**ETH Address: 0x16a59020E5054da726A4d6d0D465758eb0b49e7c**

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@AlbertoIT AlbertoIT commented Jan 29, 2018

Upon proposal/submitting of a new Sphere there should be a sum of MVT to be deposited (how much need to be decided), this will serve as:

  • spam filter
  • a guarantee that the project is legitimate
  • to "rent" land in Greenpoint.

Once the Sphere get approved by the vote of the token holders, the MVT deposited are moved in a general Fund/Wallet of the Movement which can be used to fund internal projects/works/contest or anything generally useful.

If the Sphere does not get approved the MVT are returned.

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@gumshed gumshed commented Jan 29, 2018

I think you made a great point here about a spam filter. Ensuring legitimacy of proposals will definitely be important in the future. A financial obligation would prevent a majority of the spam proposals.


-Submitting a Sphere Initiative locks the funds proposed in the Offering.

-Funds will remain locked for the duration of the community review and community vote.

-After the community review period, the creating sphere has a period of 12 hrs. to commit their proposal to a community vote.

-Committing an Initiative to vote is a check that the creating sphere is involved and serious about their proposal.

-Not committing proposal to vote will deposit funds into a community fund.

-Upon the outcome of the vote, the locked funds will then be deposited into either a generated development wallet within the machine or, returned to the creating sphere.

The Sphere Initiative Format in the offering section would have to be changed to 1 MVT to Infinity in section 4.

I do think that a time limit should be started as to when this 1 MVT minimum should be reviewed. In the future, if the market cap was to reach 100 million USD, that would mean 1 MVT is equal to around 33 USD. That price grows exponentially as the market cap increases. My fear is that eventually, the cost of submission will be too high for some. Ease of access to the platform should be a priority.

I could understand the concern of a 12-hour window thinking about the what if's. So what if say a 1-person sphere is building a proposal. This person does the work to fill the proposal format. I think that coupled with the locked funds of the Offering are more than enough to deter forgetfulness because there's real passion behind it. And strictly speaking, as a matter of fact, I do understand that natural disasters happen, but I think in a circumstance like that, their proposal would be the least of their worries.

And to protect the rest of the what if's, proposals to recover funds can be submitted. The community will vote on the legitimacy of this sphere's claim. A favorable vote will refund to initial funds from the community fund.

Now with a decentralized organization like The Movement, a future sphere could be larger. Many people working together located all over the world. During that 12 hours, any person within that sphere has the ability to commit the proposal to vote. The odds of a multi-person sphere all missing the 12-hour window slim to none.


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@DarkTrollCoin DarkTrollCoin commented Jan 31, 2018

-It's really cool, I really love it!
I'm just asking a question about this point :


Sphere Initiative Name: Title of the Initiative. Must represent the Initiative as a whole.

Mission Statement: A detailed and executable plan to achieve the desired outcome.

Required Resources: Exact specified resources needed to complete Initiative.

Offering: Bounty Program - Ranging from 0 MVT to Infinity

Voting Length: Initiative specific voting timeframe. Ranging from 24 hrs. to 7 days.

-Just asking myself if giving the ability to offer more than the total supply is a good thing security wise...
Shouldn't we hard cap it so a big offer will not affect the market too much? Big moves are often scaring for holders. It could also act as a security if a bug were used to steal tokens for example...

Specifying voting length is cool so poll won't get indefinitely stuck waiting for voters!

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@gumshed gumshed commented Feb 1, 2018

DarkTrollCoin, you bring up a good point and I should attempt clarify. My thoughts on using the word Infinity were probably incorrect. Being that there is only 3,000,000 MVT in existence and that the funds in the proposed offering would be locked once submitted doesn't allow for "infinity" MVT. So really, if the funds aren't available at the time of proposal, the proposal wont be accepted. An oversite on my part. Thanks for pointing that out.

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@gumshed gumshed commented Feb 22, 2018

Updated 4/2/18

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@DarkTrollCoin DarkTrollCoin commented Apr 10, 2018

Nice update! Only missing those few illustrations but i guess someone is working on it!
I'll translate it to french when the proposal is finalized to help spread the word!

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@cjmoles cjmoles commented Apr 17, 2018

I'm in on this; where do we start? I think we should start with a simple basic universal MVT solidity contract in which other component contracts could inherit as a cornerstone. We'll need to "define" some sort of ownership , preferably "consensus driven" to delegate responsibility. I guess I could play around with the idea and throw some code together for peer review. All good? Note: I am not a coder, but I know enough to rough something out.

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@gumshed gumshed commented Apr 20, 2018

@cjmoles I think you're on the right path. Feel free to experiment!

What I'm envisioning is a percentage of participation bounty program that will be split into 4 sections with a bounty manager or team that will keep track and report progress to the community as well as help facilitate the needs of project's development. My hope is that this will allow bounty participants to shape all aspects of the development through their collaboration to meet the needs of the community.

Tentatively, the plan is roughly as follows unless there are objections from the community. Also, if there are suggestions or ideas from anyone please share.

I've set aside 25,000 MVT that will be transferred to 5 addresses. These 5 addresses will coincide with the initial 5 parts of the bounty. Additional sections can be added if the need arises.

-Bounty Manager


-Web Development

-VR Development

-Mobile Development

We also might want to think about identifying a decentralized communications platform for development discussion.

I think something like this will be a good start. Thoughts?

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@gumshed gumshed commented Jun 26, 2018

@MovementDAO MovementDAO added the funded label Mar 17, 2019
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@gumshed gumshed commented Mar 26, 2019

Whoa. I didn't even realize this was funded. Exciting times for sure!

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@gumshed gumshed commented Feb 7, 2020

Update Coming Soon.

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