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Greenpoint and Decentraland's Terraform

Greenpoint is The Movement's virtual headquarter for decentralized collaboration. It encourages people from all around the world to connect and create across borders and cultures. Organized as a decentralized and autonomous organization (DAO), The Movement allows anyone to take part in its development and governance.

To establish a common ground and place that is based on the vision of decentralization and borderless collaboration, Greenpoint will be built in Decentraland, a cutting-edge decentralized open VR world on the Ethereum platform.

LAND in the Decentraland Terraform Event Greenpoint has been secured both by the initial creator of The Movement, as well as the community. This land is meant for people to build upon, to make friends and collaborate — to connect and create. Build valuable networks based on trust and friendship.

Initial Decentraland Terraform LAND Reservation Transactions (MANA locked in):

0x187a1af38e680252dadb72782ae91db22c8d76c5 74000 MANA:,,,

0x98cf4b8152a043f9beef7b6557b9db99ffa7c704 25000 MANA:

Total: 99000 MANA (99 LAND)

Including MANA committed to the District by the community:

Total: 414000 MANA (414 LAND, Last updated: 24th December 2017)

The Movement DAO Bitcointalk Discussion Thread:

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