Plugins of Multiverse 2

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Why are there more than 1 plugin for Multiverse?

We decided to break Multiverse up for many reasons, the simplest being for development. It's a lot easier to pin down issues with portals since there's enough code for that to be its own plugin.


This is the base plugin. All the other plugins below require Core.

Core allows you to:

  • Create/Modify/Delete worlds
  • Teleport to/from worlds
  • Restrict access to worlds via permissions
  • See who's in a world


Multiverse-Portals is a new implementation of the MultiVerse 1 style portals. If you used those, you'll most likely want this one. It's the same apart from a few new features.

Portals allows you to:

  • Create/Modify/Delete Multiverse Style Portals
  • Restrict portal usage based on permission
  • Travel through Multiverse worlds on foot or in a vehicle


NetherPortals plays off of the variable splike from MultiVerse 1, but improves on it a lot. This plugin is for those of you who want a more authentic feeling experience, by allowing players to create Nether Portals that will take them to given worlds. All of the portals in X world will go to Y world, but that is configurable from in-game.

NetherPortals allows you to:

  • Customize where the NetherPortals in a world go.
  • Auto link worlds that have a specified naming pattern (ex: WORLD and WORLD_nether)

Multiverse-SignPortals - Coming Soon!

Multiverse-Layers - Coming Soon!