A C# forms application modification upon the original W3L by Acid and Keres
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W3LF - Warcraft 3 Loader Form

A modification for the original W3L by Rupan, Keres & Phatdeeva. This version makes it possible to start Warcraft 3 with paramaters with ease. w3l.c.txt is the actual w3l.c file used for the loading.

The original release of W3LF was created for Eurobattle.net (http://www.eurobattle.net/index.php)

For developers: It you'd like to create your own forms application then use the API:

[DllImport("w3l.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Ansi, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
static extern Int32 DoInject(string CommandLine, string, ExePath, out string ErrorMsg);

Since version For developers! loader.cs now has a class that helps you ease the way of gateway "forcing" set the values in the static class and they will be used at start-up!

Since version W3LF will check the registry (Gateways) before booting war3.exe.

Since version W3LF supports commandline arguments. Here's a list of commands and what they do,

-launch - Directly launches Warcraft III after loading the set command line arguments. (Warcraft III command lines)

-launchgp - Directly launches Warcraft III and GProxy after loading the set command line arguments. (Warcraft III command lines)

-noupdate - Does not show the updates-tab.

-nonews - Does not show the webbrowser at startup.

For version information please see: Version info.txt

Other than that we wish you good luck with W3LF!

Signed; Connection Planet developer(s) - MusicDemon