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// -*- Mode: c++ -*-
// Copyright (c) 2000-2001 Brad Hughes <>
// Use, modification and distribution is allowed without limitation,
// warranty, or liability of any kind.
#ifndef __output_h
#define __output_h
class OutputListeners;
class OutputEvent;
#include <vector>
using namespace std;
#include <QMutex>
#include <QList>
#include "mythobservable.h"
#include "mythexp.h"
class QObject;
class Buffer;
namespace MythTV {
class Visual;
class MPUBLIC OutputEvent : public MythEvent
OutputEvent(Type t) :
MythEvent(t), error_msg(NULL), elasped_seconds(0), written_bytes(0),
brate(0), freq(0), prec(0), chan(0)
{ ; }
OutputEvent(long s, unsigned long w, int b, int f, int p, int c) :
MythEvent(Info), error_msg(NULL), elasped_seconds(s), written_bytes(w),
brate(b), freq(f), prec(p), chan(c)
{ ; }
OutputEvent(const QString &e) :
MythEvent(Error), elasped_seconds(0), written_bytes(0),
brate(0), freq(0), prec(0), chan(0)
QByteArray tmp = e.toUtf8();
error_msg = new QString(tmp.constData());
delete error_msg;
const QString *errorMessage() const { return error_msg; }
const long &elapsedSeconds() const { return elasped_seconds; }
const unsigned long &writtenBytes() const { return written_bytes; }
const int &bitrate() const { return brate; }
const int &frequency() const { return freq; }
const int &precision() const { return prec; }
const int &channels() const { return chan; }
virtual MythEvent *clone(void) const { return new OutputEvent(*this); }
static Type Playing;
static Type Buffering;
static Type Info;
static Type Paused;
static Type Stopped;
static Type Error;
OutputEvent(const OutputEvent &o) : MythEvent(o),
brate(o.brate), freq(o.freq), prec(o.prec), chan(o.chan)
if (o.error_msg)
error_msg = new QString(*o.error_msg);
OutputEvent &operator=(const OutputEvent&);
QString *error_msg;
long elasped_seconds;
unsigned long written_bytes;
int brate, freq, prec, chan;
typedef vector<MythTV::Visual*> Visuals;
class MPUBLIC OutputListeners : public MythObservable
virtual ~OutputListeners();
bool hasVisual(void) { return visuals.size(); }
void addVisual(MythTV::Visual *);
void removeVisual(MythTV::Visual *);
QMutex *mutex() { return &mtx; }
void setBufferSize(unsigned int sz) { bufsize = sz; }
unsigned int bufferSize() const { return bufsize; }
void error(const QString &e);
void dispatchVisual(uchar *b, unsigned long b_len,
unsigned long written, int chan, int prec);
void prepareVisuals();
QMutex mtx;
Visuals visuals;
unsigned int bufsize;
#endif // __output_h
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