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) My mouse pointer disappears over the windows?
- This is desired behavior. The interface is meant for use with a remote
control, or a keyboard.
) When I change windows in the UI, the windows start blinking and going crazy
and make it otherwise unuseable.
- See if changing your window manager to 'Click to Focus' helps.
) What's this 'strange error flushing buffer' mean?
- Nothing, really. It's just lame (the mp3 encoder) complaining for some
obscure reason.
) The audio's _really_ out of sync, and it doesn't pause when I pause live TV?
- You need to mute the line-in, and set the mixer to record from the line in.
The audio you're hearing is from the audio pass-through, enabled by the
V4L driver, and not MythTV. If you're using ALSA, make sure to have the
'Capture' mixer enabled and non-muted and at a decent volume.
) The audio and video are not synchronised by a small but varying amount
- The way that the audio and video are synchronised relies on the realtime
reporting capability of the sound card that you are using. This requires
that the sound driver that you use supports the DSP_CAP_REALTIME capability.
Older versions of Alsa (0.5) don't support this, newer ones (0.9) do.
) I get an error when compiling about 'mkspecs'?
- You need to set QTDIR. On Debian, it should be /usr/share/qt
On Mandrake, it should be /usr/lib/qt3
) I can't change the channel when watching TV?
- Something's wrong with your program database. Did filldata run with
no major errors?
) I want to run the database on another machine?
- Ok, first, you'll need to edit the mc.sql script first to setup the proper
permissions for the machine that'll be running mythtv and connecting to the
database. Next, after you've followed all the directions and built all
MythTV's programs, and after you've done a make install, but before you've
run filldata, you need to edit the /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt file
to it points to the server you're running the mysql on. If you want, you
can copy that mysql.txt file to ~/.mythtv/. If it's in ~/.mythtv/ then it
won't get copied over by another, future, 'make install'. Once that's all
done, you should be all set, I think.
) Is it possible to have MythTV change the channel on my digital cable/satellite
box, instead of my tuner card?
- Not quite yet. See here:
This feature is unfinished, and waiting for someone who wants it to finish it.
) Whenever I 'make install', it copies over my settings files?
- Simply copy the files you want to save to ~/.mythtv/ and they won't get
overwritten anymore. Changes to the settings files happen regularly, so you
need to watch for these changes.
) Colors are all messed up, people's faces are blue!
- Using the binary nvidia drivers? Make sure you're using at least version
1.0-2960 of their drivers.
) When trying to run setup, I get an error like this:
"./setup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory"
- Make sure that /usr/local/lib is in /etc/ and then re-run ldconfig.
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