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Seems I borked unix->myth times in my change.

The myth->unix needs to convert from localtime -> GMT, but somehow the other
way requires GMT as an input directly.  Still scratching my head on this one.
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Beirdo committed Jun 19, 2012
1 parent 9f447f4 commit 121ebdd50d44df703777e6e22d1bbeb222b5111c
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@@ -800,10 +800,8 @@ EOF
# Otherwise, format it as necessary. We have to use MySQL here because
# Date::Manip is not aware of DST differences. Yay. Blech.
my @t = localtime(time);
my $offset = timegm(@t) - timelocal(@t);
my $sh = $self->{'dbh'}->prepare('SELECT FROM_UNIXTIME(?)');
$sh->execute($time + $offset);
$sh->execute($time); # Assumed to be a correct epoch time (in GMT)
($time) = $sh->fetchrow_array();
$time =~ s/\s/T/;
return $time;

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