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Suppress emms() warnings, the code does call emms() when necessary.

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daniel-kristjansson committed Dec 11, 2012
1 parent e6dd166 commit 1cc188d61e069b01546f9450a396e9c7f4aceee1
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@@ -4746,6 +4746,8 @@ elif enabled icpc; then
# 913: ignoring invalid multibyte character sequence,
# icpc and g++ do the right thing for char 0x80-0xFF
check_cxxflags -wd177,192,592,913
# 13200: ignore EMMS instruction required, RTjpegN.cpp does the right thing
check_cxxflags -wd177,192,592,913,13200
elif enabled clangxx; then
# The self assign warning triggers on headers that use x=x;
# to suppress warnings about unused parameters.

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