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Don't run zeromq/configure on external/Makefile.

This is already run when ./configure is run.
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daniel-kristjansson committed Dec 18, 2012
1 parent 93cb30b commit 207061e6d9c6a6f7e8442eca1a99dfd9220823b1
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@@ -26,11 +26,6 @@ FFmpeg-all FFmpeg-install FFmpeg-uninstall FFmpeg-clean FFmpeg-distclean:
zeromq-all: zeromq/Makefile
${MAKE} -C zeromq all
zeromq/Makefile: zeromq/configure
(cd zeromq ; \
./configure --without-documentation --prefix=${PREFIX} \
zeromq-install zeromq-uninstall zeromq-clean zeromq-distclean:
${MAKE} -C zeromq ${@:zeromq-%=%} DESTDIR=${INSTALL_ROOT}

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