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improve documentation of the chanid generation scheme

Patch by Robert Kulagowski

Fixes #10779
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dekarl committed Jun 17, 2013
1 parent b5a7494 commit 387ece3b1ad9760caf63301474504e3fb6b60425
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@@ -204,8 +204,9 @@ analog channels, us, us-cable, pal, etc.
\section channel_table Channel Table (channel)
The primary key, 'chanid' is generated by combining the source id with
a unique number from 0 to 99.
The primary key, 'chanid' is generated by multiplying the sourceid times
1000 and adding the channel number to create a unique chanid.
\sa ChannelUtil::CreateChanId
The 'channum' field contains the channel number to be input to jump
to a channel.

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