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Re-group the settings logically in the Setup Menu.

Grouped as:

* General
* Appearance (Appearance Menu, Theme Chooser)
* Audio
* Video ("TV Settings" renamed)
* Plugins (Media Settings, Info Center Settings)
* "Advanced" (System Event Handlers, Edit Keys)
* Metadata (Grabber Settings)
* Wizards (Screen Setup, Initial Setup Wizard)

This is just a reordering and some slight renaming.  I would go so far as to say that we might consider breaking out submenus as logically defined above, but that should follow some discussion.
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1 parent 57adc5d commit 5bf8c24e294a9df421564dfd75cf49e215671b16 Robert McNamara committed Jan 28, 2011
Showing with 19 additions and 19 deletions.
  1. +19 −19 mythtv/themes/defaultmenu/main_settings.xml
@@ -9,13 +9,6 @@
- <type>SETUP_KEYS</type>
- <text>Edit Keys</text>
- <description>Change MythTV key bindings.</description>
- <action>SETUP_KEYS</action>
- </button>
- <button>
<description>Pick the theme, font, size, and locale</description>
@@ -32,36 +25,29 @@
- <description>Configure local audio output</description>
+ <description>Configure audio playback</description>
- <text>Screen Setup Wizards</text>
- <description>Compensate for TVs with overscan</description>
- <action>SCREENSETUPWIZARD</action>
- </button>
- <button>
- <text>TV Settings</text>
- <description>Settings for TV recording and playback</description>
+ <text>Video</text>
+ <description>Configure video recording and playback</description>
<action>MENU tv_settings.xml</action>
<text>Media Settings</text>
- <description>Settings for all non-TV media</description>
+ <description>Configure music, video, and other media plugins</description>
<action>MENU media_settings.xml</action>
<depends>mythvideo mythmusic mythgallery mythfm mythgame mythburn mytharchive</depends>
<text>Info Center Settings</text>
- <description>Configure weather, news, movie info, web, and recipes</description>
+ <description>Configure surveillance, weather, news, and the web</description>
<action>MENU info_settings.xml</action>
<depends>mythnews mythweather mythbookmarkmanager mythrecipe mythbrowser mythmovies mythzoneminder</depends>
@@ -74,13 +60,27 @@
+ <type>SETUP_KEYS</type>
+ <text>Edit Keys</text>
+ <description>Change MythTV key bindings.</description>
+ <action>SETUP_KEYS</action>
+ </button>
+ <button>
<text>Artwork and Data Sources</text>
<description>Configure sources of artwork and metadata</description>
<action>SETTINGS GRABBERS</action>
+ <text>Screen Setup Wizards</text>
+ <description>Compensate for TVs with overscan</description>
+ <action>SCREENSETUPWIZARD</action>
+ </button>
+ <button>
<text>Setup Wizard</text>
<description>Perform basic configuration tasks</description>

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