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MythCenter: make the Program Details screen consistent with the wide …


* Add base definitions for an horizontal and vertical scroll bar.
* Add base definition of a webbrowser with scroll bars and smooth scroll.
* Update the progdetails window to use the basewebbrowser.

Refs #11477.
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Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison committed Apr 18, 2013
1 parent 90a4260 commit 7737fd70b7ac6fdd92ef989a97efdeb93cd881c8
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  1. +54 −0 mythtv/themes/MythCenter/base.xml
  2. +1 −1 mythtv/themes/MythCenter/schedule-ui.xml
@@ -609,6 +609,60 @@
<!-- Base definition of a vertical scrollbar -->
<scrollbar name="basevertscrollbar">
<shape name="background">
<line color="#aaaaaa" alpha="255" width="1" />
<fill style="gradient">
<gradient direction="diagonal">
<stop position="0" color="#999999" alpha="255" />
<stop position="100" color="#999999" alpha="120" />
<shape name="slider">
<line color="#0895f8" alpha="255" width="1" />
<fill style="gradient">
<gradient direction="diagonal">
<stop position="0" color="#0767AB" alpha="255" />
<stop position="100" color="#0767AB" alpha="120" />
<!-- Base definition of a horizontal scrollbar -->
<scrollbar name="basehorizscrollbar" from="basevertscrollbar">
<shape name="slider">
<!-- Base definition of a webbrowser -->
<webbrowser name="basewebbrowser">
<scrollbar name="vertscrollbar" from="basevertscrollbar">
<scrollbar name="horizscrollbar" from="basehorizscrollbar">
<!-- Base definition of a shape used as a background on many screens -->
<shape name="basebackground">
@@ -1220,7 +1220,7 @@
<fill color="#131564"/>
<webbrowser name="browser">
<webbrowser name="browser" from="basewebbrowser">
<background color="#131564"/>

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