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Update docs to reference config.xml instead of mysql.txt.

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wagnerrp committed Jan 12, 2013
1 parent f2efb08 commit 778249aae6b4c75ccce46a5288144c648ca7be70
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@@ -612,9 +612,12 @@ to access these assets:
<li>GetConfDir() returns the value of the runtime env. var. $MYTHCONFDIR,
or $HOME/.mythtv</li>
- <li>mysql.txt is loaded from GetShareDir(), GetInstallPrefix() + /etc/mythtv,
- GetConfDir(), and the current directory. Later files override the values
- from earlier ones.</li>
+ <li>The new config.xml has replaced the old mysql.txt, and is loaded from
+ GetConfDir() only. If not found, MythTV will attempt to discover the
+ database credentials over UPnP from the master backend, falling back to
+ the compiled-in defaults of mythtv:mythtv@localhost/mythconverg. If no
+ connection can be established, the necessary information is queried from
+ the user.</li>

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