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libmythupnp: New UPNPSubscription extension.

An HttpServer Extension that manages subscriptions to UPnP services.

An object wishing to subscribe to a service needs to register as a
listener for events and subscribe using a valid usn and subscription
path. The subscriber is responsible for requesting a renewal before the
subscription expires, removing any stale subscriptions, unsubsubscribing
on exit and must re-implement QObject::customEvent to receive event
notifications for subscribed services.

Tested with gmediastreamer, MediaTomb, Play On and Windows Media Player
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Mark Kendall
Mark Kendall committed May 30, 2011
1 parent 8456ea2 commit d9c4bd18fa01810d62ec3d6668ddbffd658fa3d7
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ QMAKE_CLEAN += version.cpp

# Input

HEADERS += httprequest.h upnp.h ssdp.h taskqueue.h
HEADERS += httprequest.h upnp.h ssdp.h taskqueue.h upnpsubscription.h
HEADERS += upnpdevice.h upnptasknotify.h upnptasksearch.h threadpool.h upnputil.h
HEADERS += httpserver.h upnpcds.h upnpcdsobjects.h bufferedsocketdevice.h upnpmsrr.h
HEADERS += eventing.h upnpcmgr.h upnptaskevent.h upnptaskcache.h ssdpcache.h
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ SOURCES += httpserver.cpp upnpcds.cpp upnpcdsobjects.cpp bufferedsocketdevice.cp
SOURCES += eventing.cpp upnpcmgr.cpp upnpmsrr.cpp upnptaskevent.cpp ssdpcache.cpp
SOURCES += configuration.cpp soapclient.cpp mythxmlclient.cpp mmembuf.cpp
SOURCES += multicast.cpp htmlserver.cpp serverSideScripting.cpp
SOURCES += servicehost.cpp wsdl.cpp
SOURCES += servicehost.cpp wsdl.cpp upnpsubscription.cpp

SOURCES += serializers/serializer.cpp serializers/xmlSerializer.cpp
SOURCES += serializers/jsonSerializer.cpp
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ inc.files += upnpdevice.h upnptasknotify.h upnptasksearch.h threadpool.h upnputi
inc.files += httpserver.h httpstatus.h upnpcds.h upnpcdsobjects.h
inc.files += eventing.h upnpcmgr.h upnptaskevent.h upnptaskcache.h ssdpcache.h
inc.files += upnpimpl.h multicast.h broadcast.h configuration.h
inc.files += soapclient.h mythxmlclient.h mmembuf.h
inc.files += soapclient.h mythxmlclient.h mmembuf.h upnpsubscription.h
inc.files += servicehost.h wsdl.h htmlserver.h serverSideScripting.h

inc.files += serializers/serializer.h serializers/xmlSerializer.h

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