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MythVideo: Only show the "Delete" option from the Video Manager.

Consequently, give the video manager a reason to exist again.  Lots of people have complained that the Delete option is too exposed/available and I am inclined to agree.  Hopefully mitigate some of this by making it accessible only in the manager view, which takes a much more deliberate set of steps to access.
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Robert McNamara
Robert McNamara committed Dec 9, 2010
1 parent a05c8c4 commit de7acc4efe14ff094d49fdfb593c30a960119261
Showing with 5 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +5 −1 mythplugins/mythvideo/mythvideo/videodlg.cpp
@@ -2437,7 +2437,11 @@ void VideoDialog::VideoMenu()
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Mark as Watched"), SLOT(ToggleWatched()));
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Video Info"), SLOT(InfoMenu()), true);
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Change Video Details"), SLOT(ManageMenu()), true);
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Delete"), SLOT(RemoveVideo()));

if (m_d->m_type == DLG_MANAGER)
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Delete"), SLOT(RemoveVideo()));
if (node && !(node->getInt() >= 0) && node->getInt() != kUpFolder)
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Play Folder"), SLOT(playFolder()));

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