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Propogate INSTALL_ROOT to subdirs on make install

Cherry-picked from d56b1d9 on master
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Beirdo committed Dec 17, 2010
1 parent 21b99f1 commit f5e6f3df7873b9aeaca42e5cfee0a5c50431ac10
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@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ $(addsuffix _distclean,$(SUBDIRS)): $(addsuffix /Makefile,$(SUBDIRS))
$(MAKE) -C $(subst _distclean,,$@) distclean

$(addsuffix _install,$(SUBDIRS)): $(addsuffix /Makefile,$(SUBDIRS))
$(MAKE) -C $(subst _install,,$@) install
$(MAKE) -C $(subst _install,,$@) install INSTALL_ROOT=${INSTALL_ROOT}

$(addsuffix _uninstall,$(SUBDIRS)): $(addsuffix /Makefile,$(SUBDIRS))
$(MAKE) -C $(subst _uninstall,,$@) uninstall

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