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A token standard for digital goods
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dGoods is an open source and free standard for handling the virtual representation of items, both digital and physical, on the EOS blockchain led by Mythical Games. Fungible and non-fungible tokens are represented in this standard, as well as what we term semi-fungible tokens. These are nft's that share many properties but have at minimum a unique serial number. Things like tickets, luxury goods, or even fractionalized ownership are well suited to this classification and therefore, a major focus of this standard.

Three most important properties of dGoods which differentiate from other token standards

  1. hierarchical naming structure of category:name for each token or set of tokens, enabling filtering and organization of tokens

  2. focus on semi-fungible tokens -- that is, tokens that are 1 of n with a serial number

  3. opensource metadata types and standardization for each type with localization, eg 3dGameAsset, Ticket, etc

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  • contract implementation shared with collaborating teams for feedback/security checks

Token config

  • renamed symbolinfo table to tokenconfigs
  • added name of the standard (dgoods), version, and changed symbol type to symbol_code
  • added corresponding method called setconfig to set the symbol and version

Asset / Quantities

  • introduce dasset type, similar to EOS asset but without unnecessary symbol
  • dasset has functionality to convert from string
  • all quantities are passed in as strings and converted to a dasset type
  • precision is set similar to EOS asset and all numbers are converted to uint64_t


  • issue now takes a metadata_type
  • tokeninfo table adds metadata_type onto the token instead of just in the metadata itself


  • fungible transfer parameters change to include category, token_name

Token Stats Table

  • added issued_supply to keep track of serial_number when a token has been burned (ie current_supply is decreased but issued_supply never decreases)

Metadata Templates

  • localization added
  • Instead of just json object, metadata is an array of json objects with a lang key that specifies the language
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