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Want to have this running in no time?
Mysql 5.x
PHP 5.x
LOCK TABLES privilege for your database user (ask provider if necessary)
All ok?
->Upload this and all folders including all files (directory structure must remain intact!) to your web host directory via i.e. FTP.
->READ INSTALL.TXT for necessary steps or modifications
->enter in your browser "http://mydomain.mytld/myfolder/installer.php", where mydomain.mytld is your domain+top level domain, i.e. "" and myfolder if you have located the game in a subfolder.
->Run the installer which will guide you through the rest of the setup process. If you are unsure about features, leave them out, you can activate them later on.
For questions regarding this version, you may use to report bugs and other issues. This version needs to be run by halfway experienced people, so basic support is not provided.
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