Perform files and jobs operations with Xenon library from command line
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Xenon Command Line Interface

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Command line interface which uses the Xenon library to perform job and file operations.


Goto and download a tarball (or zipfile). The tarball can be installed with:

tar -xf build/distributions/xenon*.tar
xenon*/bin/xenon --help

Add xenon*/bin to your PATH environment variable for easy usage.


# List files on local filesystem
xenon filesystem file list /etc
# List files on remote filesystem using sftp
xenon filesystem sftp --location localhost list /etc
# Copy local file to remote filesystem
xenon filesystem sftp --location localhost upload /etc/passwd /tmp/copy-of-passwd
# Execute a program remotely using ssh
xenon scheduler ssh --location localhost exec /bin/hostname
# Pipe to a remote file
echo "sleep 30;echo Hello" | xenon sftp --location localhost upload - /tmp/
# Submit to a remote Slurm batch scheduler
xenon scheduler slurm --location ssh://localhost submit /bin/sh /tmp/

The above commands use your current username and keys from ~/.ssh.

To keep password or passphrase invisible in process list put the password in a text file (eg. 'password.txt') and then use '@password.txt' as argument. For example:

xenon filesystem sftp --location localhost --username $USER --password @password.txt list $PWD/src


./gradlew build

Generates application tar/zip in build/distributions/ directory.


Requirements for the integration tests:

The unit and integration tests can be run with:

./gradlew check


  1. Bump version in build.gradle, conda/xenon-cli/meta.yaml files, add version to and commit/push
  2. Create a new GitHub release
  3. Upload the files in build/distributions/ directory to that release
  4. Publish release
  5. Edit Zenodo entry, add Xenon doi as is referenced by this upload.
  6. Create conda release, see conda/


Run Xenon CLI as a Docker container.

The Docker image can be build with

./gradlew docker

Generates a nlesc/xenon-cli Docker image.

To use local files use volume mounting (watch out as the path should be relative to mount point):

docker run -ti --rm nlesc/xenon-cli --user $USER -v $PWD:/work --adaptor ssh upload --source /work/somefile.txt --location localhost --path /tmp/copy-of-somefile.txt

Common Workflow Language

Run Xenon CLI using a cwl-runner or as a tool in a Common Workflow Language workflow.

Requires nlesc/xenon-cli Docker image to be available locally.

Example to list contents of /etc directory via a ssh to localhost connection with cwl-runner:

./xenon-ls.cwl --adaptor sftp --location $USER@ --certfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa --path /etc
# Copy file from localhost to working directory inside Docker container
./xenon-upload.cwl --adaptor sftp --certfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa --location $USER@ --source $PWD/ --target /tmp/
# Copy file inside Docker container to localhost
./xenon-download.cwl --adaptor sftp --certfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa --location $USER@ --source /etc/passwd --target $PWD/copy-of-passwd

(Replace <user>@<host> with actual username and hostname + expects docker with default network range)